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In Let’s Not Stay Friends you play as Inske, a student attending magic school while three hotties try to romance you. Life could be worse right?

The Story

You play as Inske, a student attending a magic school where groups of students are divided up into two sub-groups: crafters and fighters. They team us so fighters can protect the crafters as they gather ingredients.

You have three love interests in the game. First is Frenz, a child-hood friend and on the fighter's side. Frenz has a romantic interest in our character who is beyond clueless that her long time, sweet-heart of a friend likes her more than a friend. Next is Taf, the popular, all around hot guy that everyone wants. Also a fighter. He is manipulative, deceitful and your all around vain, egotistical character with a sensitive side. There is always one right? Burain is the third romantic option and a crafter. He is smart yet lacks self confidence.

⭐ The game has some spice but is not super spicy. There are some scenes of erotic or a romantic nature but nothing outright lewd or graphic.

Game-play & Features

The game is your usual style of visual novel. Pick choices as you progress the story that will ultimately lead you down one of several routes. This game may be older but I played it in windowed mode and it looks great. The mouse controls were smooth, you can use the scroll wheel to rewind the story and by pressing the scroll wheel down you hide the hud for easy screenshots. Pressing the right mouse key will also take you to the save screen to easily and quickly save your spot, and pressing the right mouse key again will bring you back to the story.

The Visuals & Audio

The characters are not voiced and the soundtrack is not bad. It is not intrusive and adds a nice tone to the story. To be honest I was so invested in the narrative and all the gorgeous character graphics that I did not really pay attention to it. That is a compliment actually. I could enjoy the story without feeling like the music was competing for my attention.

Now this game has amazing character graphics or special moments. I took about 50 screen-caps. Trust me I rarely get that many out of any visual novel and for this one to be on the short end it packs a lot of great art into its small run-time! I will share a few with you but do not wish to ruin anyone’s enjoyment out of experiencing all this delicious art in their own play-through.


Overall Experience

All three romantic interests are striking in their own ways with their own back stories. I honestly enjoyed all the routes. Alright I was not keen on Taf at the beginning but by the end of his route I did a turn-around. To be honest I was not overly in love with the main character. She is clueless, maybe too much.

Don’t go in expecting a deep narrative as it is a short otome but what it did bring to the table for a couple of hours was very enjoyable❣️

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