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Posted: Aug 21, 2022 @ 7:57am
Updated: May 9 @ 12:25pm

Daggers, swords, laser weapons, brass knuckles or a scythe? Pick your poison and then romance them in Boyfriend Dungeon.

For myself, this is one of those games you start playing and look at the clock hours later and realise it is almost daylight. I do not get games that do that very often, have me so immersed. I love the soundtrack and the artwork. This is the first game I have bought and played from Kitfox Games and it is so much fun. A dating sim first and some light rouge-lite battle thrown in to level up your weapons (boyfriends and girlfriends), find crafting blueprints and materials.

The humour is good too. Some naughty little jabs (heh...jabs) here and there but nothing crass or straight out sexual. Suggestions of intimacy but nothing graphic. Which is nice for a change. For a dating sim primarily it focuses on getting to romance potential suitors and gift them appropriate gifts for their individual tastes. Lots of cute hats, accessories and outfits to collect too.

I hope they do a second game. This one was just so fun. I am a lover of blades in real life and the idea of dating your weapons is fun and certainly different! It was, for me, just a really fun time. About 10 hours of playtime if you go for all the achievements and take your time dating each character/weapon. 🗡️❤️

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