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Omurice: Next Time is a wholesome & heartwarming interactive story about Finn & Gray, a couple who lead a simple but very loving life.

The Story

A personal journey reflected in an interactive story. A tale of two people who live a simple life filled with laughter, love and joy. It is a story about ordinary people living the best life they can and honestly a nice change to see a story that puts the focus on the life of the characters and their relationship and not that they are gay. Unlike mass media where your gender or your sexuality is your identity and not just a part of your life.

Also these two love to eat and I can get behind anyone who is a fellow foodie.

Fin owns a sweets shop & Gray is a truck driver. Follow them along as they live through a year in their life in the remote seaside village called Windreach alongside their friends.

Gameplay, Features & Visuals

This game is an interactive story, a point-and-click game that you play with a mouse. Preferences include audio controls, display preferences and language options.

I love interactive games, it satisfies the need to obsessively click the screen everywhere, like the digital equivalent of bubble wrap! So click away to your heart's content to find the hidden goodies & stickers.

There is no rush or time limits in this game. Browse each scene at your own pace while you interact. You can go back and forth, just like the pages of a story book, and the hand-drawn, cartoon style is just wonderful.

Overall Experience

I enjoyed my experience with this game so much, I hope there will be a second one. The relationship between Gray and Finn is so loving and little Momo is just too adorable. The humour is on-point, “are you my destiny…try on these underwear”, haha. Like trying to find Cinderella but with underwear instead of a slipper. The way they meet is just too good.

Also this game is making me hungry…so much delicious sounding food. 🍱

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