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Please, Touch the Artwork 2 is a game that showcases the famous Belgian artist James Ensor & his artworks, and in doing so, becomes a work of art in and of itself.

Game-play & Features

This game brings artwork to life with every level. It showcases a handful of real works of famous paintings by the Belgian artist James Ensor that have been brought to life through animations and hidden object puzzle elements.

Throughout your gameplay you will encounter bizarre characters that will task you with finding objects for them as you go from painting to painting. The artworks themselves are categorized into levels that showcase different periods of his art career such as still life or city paintings.

There is a hint button but it is not really needed. If an object is in the scene you are in, the object tracker will not have an X through it, an X means it is in a different scene. However sometimes an object can only be obtained by finding and helping other characters first. Then they will reveal a missing piece or item once complete.

Sometimes scenes will have pieces missing like a portion ripped out of the canvas. This will prompt a mini game where you have to mend the canvas using tape.

Overall Experience

Overall Waterzooi’s game is a delight. Fun, free, educational and creative. And I have to say…that part where you have to find the matchsticks for the duck (so he can light his cigarette). Some of those matchsticks are in very…ahem…creative places.

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