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Posted: May 5 @ 9:01am
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Floralgraphic Memory is whimsical, magical visual novel of a teenager named Rose who decides to skip school and whisk themselves away to a magical world.

The Story, Features & Artwork

What a gorgeous, vibrant kinetic visual novel. A story about a teenager named Rose, who after deciding to skip school for the day, spends his day daydreaming about another world full of wonder, whimsy and magic.

This visual novel is the fifth installment by Chase Fox, and admittedly my first experience with their creations. The scene jumper (press ESC at any time to bring up a pause menu that will let you jump to any scene in the story) means you never need to worry about saving files.

And if you right-click at any point in the game it shows you the “making of process” of the art scene you're viewing. It is always a joy, when you are able to view the thought process of an artist as they create. This element to the visual novel is really a great addition.

Now this part is based on my impressions & personal opinions. Looking through Chase’s concept art I get the impression they see life more in terms of colors than details. The line art is rough and truthfully won’t mean much to the on-looker but you can really see their concept starting to take shape when they plan with colors. The line art is just more or less for general composition. As for myself I tend to put more effort into the concept phase using line art and sketches and color is a secondary thought for me. So seeing others' thought processes and the way they go about creating is inspiring.

The art is so vibrant, colorful and magical. Hand-crafted, with a mix of digital and watercolor art. Chase’s style is very painterly in a way that makes the images generate a feeling of movement. They are dynamic, whimsical and so full of life.

Artwork in-game by Chase Fox


The scenes have interactive elements in them. So if you click the area's description will pop up with details about the object and its significance.

Overall Experience

This visual novel is such a treat. I am looking forward to going back and experiencing the other four installments of Chase’s works and any future projects they may release. Oh and Chase if you end up reading this review…Dragon Fruit ice cream sounds delicious! 💗

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