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SUMMERHOUSE is a creative pixel game where you build small-scaled lived-in buildings without restrictions or limits to your creativity.

Game-play, Graphics & Features

As an artist, first and foremost games in this genre tickle my fancy. In SUMMERHOUSE you craft small-sale lived-in houses, cafe’s or stores without restrictions or limits. Choose from four main environments; a lake, the city, the desert or a grassy scene. The game also has some secrets to uncover as you play and pair certain items together.

If you're stuck on getting certain achievements or unlocking secret items browse the community guides, there are some very helpful ones to guide you!

You can build whatever you can imagine in this game. Place objects anywhere you wish and change the depth of them to make them come forward (like 3D) or recede so parts are behind others. You can change the weather to suit the mood you're in, whether it is a moon-lit night, a sunny afternoon or a rainy day. Plant trees, grass, flowers and place rocks. There is some wildlife and insects such as butterflies, birds, a cat and even a ghost.

There are lots of save slots (20) so you can do lots of different creative designs and not feel like you're running out of room.

I do hope they put out some dlc in the future or add mod support for more content to allow us to build even more things or have more variety. Content such as animal packs or more lighting options. But what is included is a good selection to start with.

My first design…but check out the Steam community or subreddit on Reddit for some truly epic builds.


Overall Experience

This game is truly relaxing and enjoyable to play. No restrictions, pure creativity and beauty. A wholesome game for everyone to enjoy at a great price with very high re-playability. 🎨

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