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Posted: Jan 18 @ 9:39am
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Autumn Spirit is a heartfelt romantic story of a woman, fed up with her current life, leaves everything behind and goes into exile to find inner peace and self reflection. Only once there she realizes she is not alone and a lonely spirit shares her in solitude.

The Story

The story is well written, but I have come to expect no less from the developer Synstoria. I have played all their demos and supported them through KickStarter, on their latest project Imperial Grace (which I also highly recommend playing the demo).

The story revolves around a woman in her thirties who has achieved success in her profession as a surgeon but realizing her reach to help others only extends so far and feeling powerless in her career and in her life decides to go into exile to find inner peace through solitude, while she discovers who and what she wants to do going forward. Out taking photos she realizes she is not alone and meets the spirit of Nathan. They develop a friendship that turns romantic. There are two routes in how the story can play out.


The game is your usual set up for most visual novels. You get to make choices along the way that determine which ending you will experience, staying together in the end or going your separate ways. The settings include the usual text preferences, audio settings and language settings. There are plenty of save slots as well to save along the way. You can also press H to hide the hud or those that love to take their own screen captures.

There are no voice overs but some ambient sounds. The soundtrack is composed of a melancholy, haunting score of piano music. It suits the theme of the game perfectly.

Overall Experience

Overall I really enjoyed Autumn Spirit. It is a soft romantic visual novel. More heartfelt than spice. I experienced a good ending but I feel both endings have a good feel to them. I do not want to ruin the endings but both would leave you feeling that they ended on a positive note. This visual novel experience, being free, is hard to pass up but I can truly say that Synstoria puts a lot of thought into their characters and the writing for them. 🍁

Some of my favorite screen captures of “special moments” are shown below;


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