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Posted: Nov 6, 2023 @ 5:50am
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The Heroes of Spyria is a good game with many hours of enjoyment and a good story to back it up. However a few caveats are warranted.

The good

* Good story with some great anime art. Lovers of old style rpg’s like Lunar Silver Star Story, Breath of Fire and the original Zelda games will love this game. Very nostalgic!
* You can collect Bromides (old school gamers will appreciate this)!
* Good soundtrack that fits the genre of the game
* Secrets to find and some great side quests. I loved the quest called Crypts & Cultists. That one was really fun and it gives a sweet reward too!
* The game has a mix of fun achievements and some challenging ones. Also has some great humour thrown in too!
* The game does have some sensitive issues that it deals with and a nice feature is that they tell you ahead of time that upcoming is some sensitive stuff so you can opt out of it or proceed. That was highly appreciated! I watched one scene that did make me upset but I did see the warning ahead of time and chose to proceed.

The not so good…

* This game has some serious grind. All rpg’s do but this one is pretty bad at times. You are dependent on having the best gear and weapons to defeat harder enemies as you go along. Gold is so slow to grind to have enough to buy better stuff. The best gold is the harder enemies but you can’t defeat them unless you grind the smaller enemies for hours first to level up.
* I should mention that some of the pricing on the gear and weapons is ridiculously expensive. I mean a sword for 80,000 gold or a ring for 100, 000. It takes forever to grind for gold for one person let alone all of your party members.
* XP is a grind as well. It can take hours to go up levels. I have played a lot of rpg’s in my time and this game has a deep grind compared to many that I have played. For some this might not be a negative and part of the game but it does get tedious after many hours.
* Sometimes the enemy density is too much. Your constantly running into them so save often and heal your party up between run-ins. There will be many!

Final Thoughts

This game is fun for the most part if you do not mind the grind. If you go into the game knowing what to expect then it can be a good experience. The characters, story and art are all exceptionally well done and you will get some serious game play for your money. ⚔️

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