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Posted: Apr 27 @ 6:58am
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Every Letter is a unique, free game where you are a letter writer tasked with writing letters of various topics at the request of clients.

The Story, Gameplay & Features

In this game you are tasked to write letters on behalf of a letter writing company for various clients. The topics range from casual letters to love letters and even death.

You use a traditional typewriter, and like typewriters in reality, you have restrictions on your letter typing. Such as no delete button and no undo button (so no re-editing misspelled words or erasing content). So you need to think ahead and plan what you want to write first. However you will not be penalized for any spelling or grammar errors you make. So do not feel you have to type each letter perfectly, they are not graded.

The illustrations are hand drawn and beautiful (refreshing to see in the age of AI generated images). The music is soothing and relaxing.


* One play-through is pretty short (you write about 4 letters before the credits roll) but you can replay it. The only achievement that might take time to get is EVERY Letter (where you have to complete every request-a total of 19). After completing the game once however the endless mode is available on the start menu.

No Widescreen Support-the Solution

I thought my game was glitching at first when I could not see the reference letter from the client while I typed my letter. Turns out the game does not, sadly, at the moment, support widescreen. So a fix for now is right-click the game, select "properties", and then at the bottom of the screen that opens, you'll see the Launch Options text box. In that text box put the following desired resolution (what I used that worked well) -screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080. Then just restart the game. It should launch in windowed mode at that resolution. Not ideal but a workaround for now.

Overall Experience

I am probably dating myself a bit here by saying this but I remember taking typing classes at the tail end of high school (the last year they offered the course before computers became the norm). I can relate to missing the undo button and how today we take typing up something with ease for granted.

I type fast, maybe thankfully to that class I took back in high school! So my hands fly faster than my brain. I am constantly backtracking and fixing spelling errors and re-wording my thoughts. Due to this I had to force myself to slow down and think about what I wanted to say before I started typing. But spelling mistakes did manage to still find their way through. :)

Great free little game that is heartfelt at times with some of the letters that you’ll write and some more casual, carefree moments.💗

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