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Posted: Apr 15 @ 10:12am
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Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a tool to help you keep track of your daily activities & journal your experiences, all while listening to great lofi beats.

Game-play & Features

This is a gamified tool for users to be productive all while completing tasks (such as writing this review) :) Or writing in your journal, tracking daily habits or just listening to chill beats to relax.

It hosts a selection of lofi soundtracks, sound effects, changeable outfits, decor and spirit companions, all while helping you be productive while having fun.

You can also customize the time of day, the weather and unlock and earn in-game items and clothes just by playing around and mixing and matching the activities while being productive! For example; relax or browse in bed while the lighting is set to night. A special spirit companion will appear (after a set period of time) for you to collect!

The Visuals & Audio

Visually this game is adorable, wholesome and just cute. I love all the spirit companions I’ve collected so far and you can read up on them more in your Spiritdex. Elements, including your companions and your character have animations related to the activity you're doing. And elements in the environment also move like the hanging plants or trees outside when they are blowing in the wind.

Audio wise this game shines. I LOVE all the lofi soundtrack selections with choices such as Lo-Fi Beats for Spiritographers Only, Chilling with the Unknown, Uplifting Spirit Infusion, Rainy Day Incantations or music you can add through the Web Music Browser in-game.

The activity sounds are great too (and hopefully they add more in the future). In game now are sounds such as Smooth Rain, Cozy Fireplace, Rumbling Thunder, Soothing Wind, Night Forest, Tasty Sizzling, Keyboard Typing and Bird Singing. Also included are random white noise selections.

Below are some of my own screen captures of me, in game, chilling with one of my fave Spirit companions.


Overall Experience

To say I love this game/tool is an understatement. It is very deserving of its high praise. I hope they add more items in the future, such as more furniture options and clothing, as well as more Spirit companions. I love the whole experience. The artwork is charming and cute, the music is so relaxing and chill. I highly recommend this for everyone. 🌟

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