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Posted: Nov 10, 2023 @ 3:14pm
Updated: Nov 10, 2023 @ 3:19pm
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The Replay Boys is an otome where you play as Hannah temporarily managing an up and coming all boys band. I have to say an interesting take on the genre. Also you have an adorable cat named Cronut...I mean come on, how cute is that name right?

So your job is to manage this cute band while staying professional…good luck ;)

Game-play & Features

This game does not have a “rewind” feature like most other visual novels. It plays like something akin to the movie Groundhog Day where you automatically go back to the same day and start over making different choices with small changes in the flow of the story each time. Each day will give you the opportunity to focus on the next character and their story, advancing the main story overall each time you complete a chapter.

The text is easy to read and easy to navigate. It is a polished game and I experienced no crashes, bugs or hitches and it does support widescreens.

One thing I do wish this game did have is more save slots, 12 is not nearly enough if you're saving all the moments you encounter to make story changing choices.

Graphics & Sound

Upon starting up the game you're greeted with a really good soundtrack. I mean talk about getting you into the groove of the game right away. The game has some interesting graphical settings not usually found in your standard otome such as vibration, screen shake and text animations.

The artwork is more of a cartoon style than a lot of art found in the genre that uses anime. This is refreshing. It is well done and gives off more of a fun style. It lends itself well to the theme.

Overall Experience

A catchy, upbeat game with a fun vibe. The story really takes an interesting dark turn at points that I did not expect. The writing is fun and does have some character development for each member. This is not a game that is heavy on the dating part that some otome’s have. There are some romantic, sensual moments that come across in the text but the game itself does not have any x-rated graphics or scenes.

Overall a good game that is fun, different and short (took me about 3 hours to complete all the runs). There is a nice gallery at the end as well that has some great captured moments. A plus since this game does not let you hide the hud for capturing screenshots. 💖🎵

Otome Lovers wishes to thank Split Narrative Inc. for providing a free review copy for this game.

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