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Posted: Nov 17, 2023 @ 5:42am
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Early Access Review
Made Marion is set in the land of Avalon, a magical & exciting fantasy world. The game is inspired by the tales of Robin Hood with the feisty Lady Marion taking the lead.

The Story

I played the demo for this game and fell in love with it. I am honored to be able to review an early copy of this game that puts Marion in the lead as opposed to always being Robin. It is a well written game, full of romance and intrigue, made for adult audiences in a tasteful manner.

Marion herself is not damsel in distress, trained in diplomacy and swordsmanship, she is a strong, compassionate and feisty character. There is going to be a generous line-up of romances to pursue (at the moment Robin's story is complete) that I look forward to experiencing. Romances filled with diversity and embracing the LGBTQ+ community.

Something that this game does very well is world building. The writing and characters are rich and diverse, with created in-game cultures and magical creatures.

Game-play & Features

The text is easy to read and navigate. The settings include the standard display features, audio, rollback placement, text speed, and the ability to turn on or off explicit text. As you navigate the text certain words will be in bold red lettering that allows you to click on them for a glossary to pop up, giving you additional information as you play (a nice feature)! The glossary & maps are also available on the main menu. Also this game features self-voicing. An assisted AI that will read the text for those that need assistance, adding to the game an additional layer of accessibility.

Also visit the Extras tab in the main menu for the Gallery, Music Room, Love Interest Scene Gallery, Movie Gallery & Achievements!

Graphics & Sound

The country of Avalon is a land with a rich history, borrowing elements from the Celtic culture and fae folklore, a land filled with magic and adventure. Beautifully illustrated artwork that is just a feast for the eyes. As a fellow artist I highly appreciate great art in a game.

I also adore the beautiful art that captures the special moments in the game. They are usually more realistic than the base game art and I always find them a real treat when a game does this. The moments captured in this game will be found in your gallery after you unlock them. So gorgeous!

The music is fitting to a medieval, celtic story. Nice sound effects also add to the immersion like the fireplace crackling or the birds chirping.

Some of my favorite special moments so far.

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3086177223 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3086177277

Tips & Tricks

Not really a tip or trick but I wanted to give a nod to all those who appreciate art and love taking screen captures such as myself. Hide the hud (press H) and snap away screencap lovers. Some wonderful art for making homemade wallpapers!

Overall Experience

A gorgeous start to a well written, beautifully illustrated game. I will be playing the new content as this game develops and I have thoroughly enjoyed what has been presented so far. 🏹

Otome Lovers wishes to thank Velvet Cupcake Games for providing free review copies for this game.

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