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Posted: May 10 @ 4:49pm

In Little Kitty, Big City you're a little kitty taking on the big city while you find your way back home.

The Story

You're a sweet yet mischievous little kitty who, while taking a nap in your favourite spot, fell into the depths of the big city below. As you try to navigate your way back home you will meet many friends along the way that need your help and offer help in return. You will traverse the city streets, climb walls, and jump to great heights to make it back home.

Gameplay & Features

You're a cat who does cat stuff. Like knocking down stuff to the floor just for the fun of it, napping in cozy places and hunting down delicious fish to steal and eat to gain power-ups.

I loved running down the people walking by, tripping them and making them drop their items like phones and food. Or knocking off plants all over the city just to cause mischief. Some people will nuzzle you or even take your photograph if you meow for them. Some will give chase too when you steal their stuff.

Some tips from my playthrough

* There are lots of sections of climbing and doing kitty parkour. The game suggests a controller but I used a mouse and keyboard for my whole playthrough without issue.
* You cannot die and you do not take health damage or fall damage.
* If you get stuck on an invisible wall or small space hit ESC and and there is get unstuck option
* Collect adorable hats as you go along. Some you can buy with in-game currency while others you find or get awarded for helping out friends.

Overall Experience

I had fun with this game, it was fun running around the city as a cat, causing mayhem and finding and collecting all the cute hats. The parkour element can be a bit frustrating at times having to time your super jumps just right or going around a tight ledge. But with no fall damage or health damage it is just more about having to climb back up all over again in spots that get a bit irritating at times. But not enough to damper my overall fun in the game.

The game does give you the option after finishing the main story to continue so you don’t need to re-start the game if you're still going for achievements after the main part is done. Overall it is a wholesome, feel-good game that everyone can enjoy! 😻

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