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BeerayEcho: dude, math and spaceships go together like semen and a keyboard

BeerayEcho: i have to take a selfie for classes and this has become a logistical problem, i dont think im hip with the kids anymore

8:59 PM - Tohno: really? who wouldin't want a cute girl to be compleatly nuts for them?
9:00 PM - DESU-chan ~❤: Where she murders everybody and everything else in cold blood if they ever so much as pose as even a minor annoynce between you and her? Listen, there's a friend of mine that reminds me of the golden rule: Don't stick your ♥♥♥♥ in crazy, even if you're despirate
9:01 PM - Tohno: yanderes aren't all murderes.
9:01 PM - Tohno: besides, the idea that they'd kill for me is kinda nice.
9:01 PM - Tohno: lets you know you can really trust them
9:01 PM - DESU-chan ~❤: Something tells me you're just as crazy as they would be
9:01 PM - Tohno: besides, we're all a little crazy
9:02 PM - DESU-chan ~❤: The fact that you're cool with INTENSE murder tells me you're as nutty as a sack of peanuts
9:02 PM - Tohno: oh yeah bro. like she's be like "if you ever leave me I'll kill you" and I'll laugh and be like "and if you ever leave me I'll kill you, and the person you leave me for."
9:03 PM - DESU-chan ~❤: Definately nutty

SlyRoyale: Desu, I like my women how I like my alcohol: legal, aged well, and full of flavour.

BeerayEcho: fun fact: i thought suvs where called that because thats what sports moms used to transport thier kids sports equipment

Tohno: I like to live slow but drive fast.

Jason - Today at 7:09 PM
>brr i'm cold time to do a sick pull

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