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The character controls are as stiff and boring as the English voice acting and dialog. Menu controls are rather uninspired and difficult as well, and it's rather frustrating that hitting left closes the menu you were in. Not a fan of how that was done.

I get that this game is both a nod to old classic games of its type, specifically The Maze of Galious, and that it was made by one guy (Francisco Téllez de Meneses), but that doesn't make it fun. There's a lot of depth here, but depth doesn't equate to enjoyable to me if the gameplay is drab and not engaging. I tried to get into this one but it's a dud with very forced and unfunny humor.
Posted May 9. Last edited May 9.
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I didn't even have to play the game a half hour to realize I've seen it all, and what I have experienced is quite dull, unpolished, and lacking. But there are some positives.

Visually, the game is pretty nice looking. The textures and lighting fit the game nicely. The music is humorous and amusing for a bit, but it's quite repetitive and uninspired and smacks of amateur skill and minimal effort.

The gameplay is boring. Very boring. I've rushed through the game and there's no hope in sight that combat will suddenly "unlock" so that there's more depth, more variation, or more of anything interesting. This game is really boring, and the combat is a large part of it and it simply does not shine. I haven't enjoyed it.

The item system is simple, which isn't bad in and of itself. But acquiring items and gold can be quite annoying. Food items that drop from enemies drift away in seemingly arbitrary directions and despawn quickly (why?), so it's a chore to chase down the food while being hacked at by enemies, only to lose a lot of the items anyway. Plus, the food can be whacked away by you when you're swinging your sword, which is amusing the first time and then a nuisance from then on.

What's worse is getting gold from chests - the chests break open and spew out gold coins around the area...including ON TOP of the walls in the level that you cannot reach, and they soon despawn. I've lost several pieces of gold this way. This isn't clever or well-made, it's lazy and uncreative. Why the developer didn't decide to have items just stay where they're dropped, not despawn until perhaps a certain max amount of items are present on the level or the player has left the area is beyond me. Items automatically drifting towards the player would help, but I digress. I don't see improvements like this saving this game.

The UI is a mess and lacks a great deal of polish. It's WAY too simplistic for its own good. There's no information on any items such as in the shop interface when at the tavern, and it's stupid how dumbed down the controls are. - there's no obvious way to talk to non-story characters (who speak to you as you get near or portal in). I had to PAUSE the game to activate the mouse so that I could actually click the dialog above a character's head to be able to buy or sell from a shopkeeper. I wanted to facepalm when I realized that was how it had to be done, and again when I realized it appeared to be impossible with a controller. Controller support appears to be partial, and an afterthought.

It's also very clear that the developer (or at least its writer) is definitely NOT fluent in English. Right from the get-go, there are language errors left and right which includes grammatical mistakes and syntax errors. It was painful reading the text for that reason, and because it was apparent that the writer wanted to be funny, and some text was mildly amusing and "self-aware", but overall it's lazy and very amateur writing.

This isn't a very good game. If it still looks to be up your alley, at least it's just a few bucks...but I'd still recommend you get it on a sale...though there are plenty of games that are more worthwhile than this forgettable, unpolished title...even some free ones.

Posted February 9.
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Early Access Review

This game is SO enjoyable. I absolutely love the characters, they're so likeable and interesting, and our (semi) "silent" protagonist is adorable. The gameplay is tight and fun as well, and it brings some fresh mechanics to the table to keep things interesting and challenging. Not to mention, the art alone is reason enough to love Crosscode, it's beautiful, colorful SNES-era pixel art done right.

I played a ways in, but decided that I'd like to wait until release so I can enjoy the full thing in one go. I HIGHLY recommend this game... even if you just want to buy it and check it out for a bit just to support the awesome developers now so that you already own it by the time it's out.
Posted August 6, 2018. Last edited August 6, 2018.
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Goodness. This game is pretty atrocious. I really wanted to like it because the dialogue is genuinely funny, the situations are fun, and the emperor looks like Bill Murray... but the fun stops there. Combat simply is not enjoyable. The controls are the worst part of all. The user interface keeps you guessing because it isn't consistent...sometimes Enter works, sometimes Esc, and sometimes another key. The UI is just clunky and very unrefined in general.

During combat with a mouse, you have to point the cursor in the direction of the enemies while you attack, which proves to be very awkward and unenjoyable. Once I got a PS4 controller plugged in, I quickly realized that moving around was way easier but the game assigned the same functions to multiple keys and failed to assign the attack button.

Once I set up my Steam Controller, things were a little better. It was still awkward and unfun trying to loot enemies, but it was alright. Once I reached the first boss not even an hour in, it really put the nail in the coffin after dying a few too many times despite my efforts. The controls are so awkward, and the timing of attacks and blocking is so sloppy and unrefined, it just wasn't fun.

Normally I find it annoying when a person hasn't even played a few hours before reviewing a game, but I'm done. I can't stand the gameplay and controls, it's beyond ♥♥♥♥-poor. I can't recommend a game that has had so little care put into its controls, UI, combat, and looting system (not to mention the lame animations and okay graphics and very repetitive music that you can't turn off).

I can't enjoy this game. It's no surprise that the game is getting so many poor reviews, and honestly, I'm surprised it isn't getting even more.
Posted November 18, 2017. Last edited November 18, 2017.
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After seeing so many glowing reviews, I decided to give it a try. It took me ten minutes to beat it, but that's because I *tried* to explore the world, but minus a few obstacles that were interesting, all I could really do is go up. I didn't find the ending satisfying, per se, but the soundtrack and atmophere is superb...and that's why I'd recommend it. It's free, and it barely takes any time to experience. :)
Posted November 18, 2017.
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