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This game is pretty fun. Takes a while to ramp up if you're already proficient at solving Sudoku puzzles, but if you're a novice it starts you off with only a few squares to solve and gives you access to power-ups that effectively nullify most of the enemies' attacks letting you solve at mostly your leisure. Otherwise it's a pretty frantic fast-based Sudoku solving game where you have to solve numbers quickly before the enemy strikes. Each successful solve delays the enemy's attack.
Posted September 14.
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Dev entirely reworked the game, doubled its content, added qol features like CG/scene replay, and added cheevos as a free update while actively crowdsourcing input and feedback from players.
Posted June 23.
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Pretty fun little novelty puzzle game with some nude comic pinups as rewards. Short, unassuming, and worth the entry fee.

Take's Puzzle Bobble's gameplay but makes the character mobile, rather than launching from bottom center, and throws in a bit of platforming on some stages so you can also lose by falling to your death or being crushed by uncleared ballz in addition to your screen going below the lose line. There are only 30 levels, but they get trickier near the end so you'll at least feel like you've accomplished something by the time you finish.

Supports controllers too, which is nice! Think the only missing feature that would sweeten the deal is achievements.
Posted May 8.
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Early Access Review
Early access: only about half of the girls can be romanced at the moment.
Romance scenes are fairly simple animations of characters on top a photograph. They are OK quality. Not mindblowing but not bad.

Gameplay is a pretty interesting take on rock paper scissors. Only the first girl is traditional rock paper scissors, after that you play a game where each hand throw counts as 0, 5 or 10 and you have to guess the value of the throw. Each girl seems to have a bias as to what values they like to throw most, and the game keeps a running counter so you can see their running total. I have seen very obvious patterns like 20/20/60. On top of recognizing patterns, the game rewards you with drink tickets, which when redeemed give you a random card in your inventory. Cards give a 5-15% boost to one of the three values, and you can use one card per turn to alter their bias. After you win the card game you play the drinking game, which is a take on a classic bar coin game where there are x number of shots and each person can take 1 or 2 per turn. The person who takes the last drink wins.

Overall the gameplay is a pretty unique and fun take on things. It's engaging and not just a random chance grind fest.
Posted February 3. Last edited February 3.
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Three interactive animated scenes, voice acted, inexpensive, and has an uncensor patch that removes all mosaics. Developer has fixed issues since launch and been very responsive.
Posted February 2.
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1 Live2D animation of red hair demon-horned girl + 1 CG of disrobed elf lady.
Brutal puzzle game with little reward, but easy to 100% for achievement hunters in 30-60 minutes.
Lack of English version isn't really a problem since text is only during the naughty scenes and menus are quite simple.

Honestly can't recommend it as game or for its 'content'. The puzzles are absolutely brutal, with very long false paths that can waste literal minutes going down and backtracking. Character movement speed is fairly slow and if you walk against walls diagonally you move even slower, so you have to be very deliberate with your direction presses. After each puzzle you unlock an additional part of the live2D animation. The Live2D animation is one scene split into several parts. It's a bit disappointing to spend half an hour wandering through mazes and effectively getting only one animation.
Posted February 2.
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This game makes my head hurt after playing a few minutes due to a major flaw. The playfield scrolling is very stuttery and jagged while animations and enemy/bullet movement are smooth. It's like everything in the game is 60fps except the background scrolls at 30fps. This is exacerbated by the fact that there's always an animation taking up a quarter of the screen.
Posted January 26.
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It's not the next Braid, but mechanically it's a decent game. There's not much to fault it for other than being short and the over-the-top fan pandering which, as indifferent, I found to generally be off-putting or not make sense (a rock named Jennifer?), but at the same time I commend it for aiming to please and be memorable to its fans rather than something generic. Needless to say if you despise the guy then you'll despise this game.

-It has a nice high-res pixel art aesthetic, looking something like an HD GBA game.
-The music is pretty great. It sounds like it's going for an NES style and comes off as authentic to me.
-Fully voiced, though you may consider that a con as they're not voice actors by trade.
-Collectibles and unlockables to give you stuff to do while/after beating the game. The collectibles are put into tricky-to-reach or hidden areas throughout the levels.
-There are a number of small touches that make it feel like a polished game with care put into it. Picking up hearts when your health is full turns them into coins so they're not a waste. Changing your costume changes the character portrait in cutscenes. Replaying a level with an unlocked character changes things if that character normally appears in the level. There's a level where you get picked up in a helicopter to escape and if you try to enter it from the top or rear, jumping through its blades, you get chopped to bits as Mark screams "Noooooo". It caught me totally off guard and I couldn't even be mad because it was hilarious.

-It's short. There are 27 levels total and if you just do a single playthrough and don't worry about collectibles/unlockables or the 7 optional levels then you'll only get a couple hours out of it.
-Too easy on any difficulty less than "Bro", probably due in part to its mobile origins. Your upgraded HP tops out at 16 hearts and enemies do 1 heart of damage on "Easy" and 2 hearts of damage on "Hard", but the checkpoints in the levels fully replenish you. "Bro" doubles the damage to 4 hearts and removes the checkpoints, providing a good challenge, though I feel there could be a happy medium between "Hard" and "Bro" for those looking for a slight challenge.
-When you replay a level the intro/outro cutscenes play again, forcing you to skip through dialogue. About half of the levels have some sort of intro/outro.
-Of all four YouTuber cameos in the game only one of them is really worked into the plot. The others are forced in and only relevant for a single level.
Posted January 21, 2016. Last edited January 21, 2016.
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Lacking in both the 'visual' and 'novel' departments. I cannot recommend it even if you're just in for the adult content; there's relatively little adult art and what's there has little variety.

Without spoiling the plot, short story short you end up working at the resort after you arrive. Everyone there is female of course and they want you big time. While 'working' you make chit-chat (filled with blushy "hehe", "hihi", and "tehihi") and end up going on dates after work, or just getting food and totally not going on a date. After realizing you are the epitome of the perfect man they throw themselves at you, leaving you the all-important plot choice of bang or don't bang (which happens to make up the majority of decisions in the game). You may think this is a gross exaggeration and there's lots of build-up, tension, seduction, perhaps even romance involved, but more than once you literally get a knock at your door and get propositioned on the spot. In the two currently present chapters your decisions make no difference apart from a few changed sentences. 5 out of the 7 women in the game's banner art will offer themselves to you no matter what you do, the rest doubtless to follow in later chapters. The actual plot is brought up only occasionally and you just spend your time chatting up the ladies so far.

The game's artwork on the whole is fine, but it's scarce. There's one girl you actually do a fair number of non-bed activities with, but all you get are some sentences over the area's background CG and character portrait instead of art to capture the moment. It's no secret that this is an X-rated game and a big selling point for the Steam version is that there's an official uncensor patch. Without the patch you end up getting a pink screen transition to the next scene with lipstick marks just before nudity would occur. What do you get with the patch? The image that normally transitions away has layers of clothing disappear as you get dialogue with oohs and ahhs. For fear of violating the Steam guidelines I won't give any quotes, but it actually felt like I was reading a satire of erotic literature. The image is always just the girl splayed out so don't expect much variety.

But hey, maybe things can change. They say they will "completely remaster the existing story-lines of episodes one and two". That sounds to me like it will be substantially rewritten rather than a simple spelling/grammar touch-up.
Posted December 18, 2015.
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Early Access Review
Not bad, there's just not enough here in its infancy (v0.0.1) to recommend.

You start off with $10,000 and and empty store. You have to staff the store and order inventory to sell. Since there's a lot of phones and you don't have much money to start with, most of your customers will leave empty handed because you don't have their ideal phone or their 2nd choice. The game provides statistics for you to see the breakdown of all the models and their demand, allowing you to manage your stock with your limited funds more effectively. Once revenue is in the green things are easy. You'll have money for experienced staff to handle customers faster, marketing campaigns to get more in the door, and enough stock to satisfy those crazy days where every seems to want one particular phone.

And... that's about it for the moment. I got to the point where with good employees and top-tier marketing I was selling about 40 phones per day, netting around 15-20 grand in profit daily. The only thing you can do with money besides putting it into inventory, marketing, and staff are upgrades. At the moment you can put demo models on the tables or set up displays to advertise particular brands. My store already had a high satisfaction rating and setting up demo models didn't seem to get more customers in my store. I set up four Kiwi yPhone displays and sales were roughly the same; Some days I sold mostly "Robot" phones, on others I mostly yPhones.

I had a look at the developer's site and there's some pretty neat ideas planned for the future like the possibility of thefts, but for now there's less to it than a typical lemonade stand game.
Posted December 9, 2015. Last edited December 9, 2015.
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