Александр   Russian Federation
Very cheerful and a thick Count
I was weak. That's why I needed you... Needed someone to punish me for my sins... But that's all over now. I know the truth. Now it's time to end this.:handprintright:
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Single Game

Nosferatu: :stake: :revolver: :thecrucifix: :thepentagram: :thecount: (5/5) W(3/3) B(5/5 F1/1)
SOMA: :pathos: :k8happy: :k8sad: :k8shock: :k8dead: (5/5) W(5/5) B(5/5 F0/1)
The Walking Dead: :Carley: :Doug: :Kenny: :Lee: :Clementine: (5/5) W(5/5) B(5/5 F0/1)

Series of Games

Disgaea PC: :Laharl: :Etna: :Flonne: :Prinny: :MidBoss: (5/5) W(5/5) B(5/5 F0/1)

Layers of Fear: :marry: :brush: :palette: :rodent: :layers: (5/5) W(5/5) B(5/5 F1/1)

Yomawari: Night Alone: :YmDharma: :YmMary: :YmPoro: :YmOldSister: :YmGirl: (5/5) W(5/5) B(5/5 F0/1)

To the Moon: :evafacepalm: :evawhat: :zombieva: :neildeal: :neilfacepalm: :neiljaw: :johnnysmile: :riverglance: :TtMrabbit: :platypus: (10/10) W(7/7) B(5/5 F0/1)
A Bird Story: :abs_happy: :abs_surprised: :abs_zzz: :abs_birdsit: :abs_birdfly: (5/5) W(5/5) B(5/5 F0/1)
Finding Paradise: :colinfacepalm: :moustacheva: :sadfaye: :happyfaye: :megawatts: (5/5) W(5/5) B(5/5 F0/1)

SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS: :andm: :buttstomp: :hanzopride: :sohandsome: :mistress: (5/5) W(5/5) B(5/5 F0/1)


Halloween 2020: :edwin: :millicent: (2/2) W(1/1) B(0/0)
Spring Cleaning Event 2018: :cleanhourglass: :cleankey: :dustpan: :featherduster: :goldfeatherduster: (5/5) W(3/3) B(3/3 F0/0)
Spring Cleaning Event 2019: :cleancake: :cleandino: :cleanfloppy: :cleanseal: (4/4) W(4/4) B(3/3 F0/0)
Spring Cleaning Event 2020: - (0/0) W(0/0) B(3/3)
Lunar New Year 2019: :lunar2019coolpig: :lunar2019crylaughingpig: :lunar2019deadpanpig: :lunar2019grinningpig: :lunar2019laughingpig: :lunar2019madpig: :lunar2019piginablanket: :lunar2019scowlingpig: :lunar2019shockedpig: :lunar2019sleepingpig: :lunar2019smilingpig: :lunar2019wavingpig: (12/12) W(3/3) B(5/10 F0/1)
Lunar New Year 2020: :lunar2020confidentrooster: :lunar2020contentgoat: :lunar2020contentsnake: :lunar2020gigglemonkey: :lunar2020halodragon: :lunar2020hearteyesrabbit: :lunar2020horrifiedrat: :lunar2020lazypig: :lunar2020moneyrat: :lunar2020playfuldog: :lunar2020ratinablanket: :lunar2020stoicox: :lunar2020stubbornhorse: :lunar2020sweatrat: :lunar2020thinkingtiger: (15/15) W(6/6) B(0/10)
Lunar New Year 2021: :famishedox: :fightmeox: :oxinablanket: :redenvelopeox: (4/4) W(0/1) B(0/0)
Winter Sale 2019: :winter2019happydog: :winter2019saddog: :winter2019joyfultearsdog: :winter2019neutraldog: :winter2019tireddog: :winter2019angrydog: :winter2019cooldog: - :winter2019happyyul: :winter2019sadyul: :winter2019joyfultearsyul: :winter2019neutralyul: :winter2019tiredyul: :winter2019angryyul: :winter2019surprisedyul: :winter2019coolyul: - :winter2019happysnowman: :winter2019sadsnowman: :winter2019joyfultearssnowman: :winter2019surprisedsnowman: :winter2019tiredsnowman: :winter2019angrysnowman: - :winter2019sadgingerbread: :winter2019joyfultearsgingerbread: :winter2019neutralgingerbread: :winter2019happygingerbread: :winter2019tiredgingerbread: :winter2019angrygingerbread: - :winter2019sadbulb: :winter2019joyfultearsbulb: :winter2019neutralbulb: :winter2019happybulb: :winter2019tiredbulb: :winter2019angrybulb: (33/33) W(5/5) B(0/15 F0/1)
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