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Balcony Unlocked

You discovered the balcony code.
Unlocked Jul 2 @ 8:51am


You repaired your custom AVR headset.
Unlocked Jul 15 @ 3:08pm

Karma Boost

You treated the VR beggar with respect.
Unlocked Jul 15 @ 3:01pm

Home Banking

You accessed your bank account.
Unlocked Jul 15 @ 2:36pm


You love stalking people!
Unlocked Jul 15 @ 2:58pm


Worst boyfriend of the year award. Winner: You.
Unlocked Jul 15 @ 3:10pm


You joined The Blade.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 2:01am

Hardware Engineer

You wired the touchscreen on the first attempt.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 1:42am


You found the Cubus Club. Time to locate Jay!
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 2:15am

Drone Racer

You won the drone race.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 1:44pm

Meet Your Better Half

You found Jay. And she's pissed.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 2:11pm

Impossible Mission

You were briefed on the mission.
Unlocked Jul 17 @ 1:17pm


You spoiled the end of the story for the drummer.
Unlocked Jul 24 @ 2:39pm

Tropical Heat

You have arrived in Nuwaka.
Unlocked Jul 19 @ 1:03pm

Northern Lights

You have reached Satnajoskull.
Unlocked Jul 17 @ 1:19pm

Hardware Graveyard

You have entered Jakharrak.
Unlocked Jul 24 @ 3:21pm

Got The Fruit!

You're ready to meet the Cypher Master.
Unlocked Jul 24 @ 3:15pm


You were ripped off by the condom dispenser.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 2:24am

Source Code

You found the source code.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 9:39am

Hyper Reality

You met the Cypher Master in hyper reality.
Unlocked Jul 24 @ 3:20pm

Riddle Master

You solved the Ghost of the Navigator riddle.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 9:53am


You have entered the den of the Technomancers.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 10:03am

AVR Spammer

You subscribed the mechanic to quite a bit of spam.
Unlocked Jul 24 @ 2:50pm

Free Climbing

You climbed your way to the lighthouse.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 9:17am

Ultra Glove Of Power

You controlled the cleaning robot with the Ultra Glove.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 9:25am

1337 Hacker

You coded the malware.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 10:06am

What A Nice Day

You met the giant octopus.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 10:21am

Bass Fishing

You went fishing for the giant octopus.
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 10:39am

Ready To Launch

The missile is ready to fire!
Unlocked Aug 17 @ 10:41am


You started the DDoS.
Unlocked Aug 18 @ 1:49pm

Inverting The Paradigm

Reality is not what it seems. Anymore.
Unlocked Aug 18 @ 1:55pm

Back To Reality

You successfully stopped the VirtuaVerse!
Unlocked Aug 18 @ 2:27pm


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