Willow the Sinner [o.W.n]
Please read the summary before adding me! I DO NOT RANDOM ADD.

Props to Molly-Golly for my Burning Bush avatar! Link to her profile:

I'm not really a talker, Get a hold of me if you wanna talk.

Big lonely boi. Single as a pringle.

|| Rest in peace Golden Machine Gun - TF2. ;-;

If you wanna trade me leave a comment before adding me, I mostly only consume what I want from trading. I don't take random adds, without a comment. I will block most people that have a VAC ban of any kind. I will not accept random adds under 4 years of service or below and less then 1k hours in a game. Please keep drama to a minimum, I don't like to hear it. Please no lewd font art, cool font art is fine as long as its not huge. Thanks!

If you keep in touch, I have known you for a few years or I know you in real life, Aka if you care, You'll welcome to stay. I commonly do friendlist purges.

I have been using/playing on steam sence Dec, 2009, Starting with Left 4 Dead, being sucked in by its dark tone and light horror. I bought and started playing Team Fortress two as of Aug, 2010. I am personally upset that Free to plays even get a merc badge or even got the Buy-In hat. I got to see everything turn Vintage. Getting cheated out of a Vintage Fan-O-War soon after the updates release. Jul, 2011 I bought and played Garry's mod and have been a part of the community sence. I hate DarkRP servers that are packed full of addons and have a fairly small map, even more so if they have a vehicle addon while using said small map. I love games like Starbound and Undertale, because of they'er take (or action taken) on a violent nature, plus the music is awesome. I like to talk too, thats a thing. Welp. You know about me, let me get to know you.

I am against witch-hunting, and wish to not be involved. If you make a new custom gamemode in Gmod, I will gladly test it. I only look at links from close friends, and might deem a block if it's EarPain or NSFW content.
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okay Nov 19 @ 5:23pm 
I can feel my kneecaps melting
JKTwice Jul 28 @ 11:35am 
+rep Friendly and smart team player.
LOTD Feb 19 @ 7:20pm 
+rep, very smart teamplayer!
Warmutt666 Dec 29, 2018 @ 9:04pm 
:cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar:harder daddy :cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar::cactuar:
Willow the Sinner [o.W.n] Dec 29, 2018 @ 8:57pm 
I do belive I am spooked.
oogies Dec 29, 2018 @ 7:23pm 
fucking yikes