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Remnant: From the Ashes
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:daxes:::whiterun: Older Mature Gamer ......Made in Scotland :whiterun::daxes:
:sklock: ..Name : Michael
:sklock:..Gender : Male
:sklock:..Age ..... Retired
:sklock:.Location ....Scotland United Kingdom

:sklock:About : Likes Gaming , Using The Internet , Movies
:sklock: I Like All Types of Games But mostly .....Fps ,Survival , Hack and Slash
:sklock: and a good Arpg or Jrpg
:sklock: Due to my age i have a few medical issues and my reactions are not
:sklock: what they used to be however you bite the bullet and keep going nothing else for it !!
:sklock: Computing is all i have and think it is good for the mind and soul.. For everyone in fact
:sklock: Thanks to all my Friends here for being my Friend you know who you are !!

:LIS_star:...Rules For Adding Me...:LIS_star:
:sklock:..No - Private Profile
:sklock:..No - Vac \ Game Bans
:sklock:..No - Profile Level Less Than 1
:sklock:..No - Internal \ External Links of Any Sort

:sklock:...Spamming =Block
:sklock:...Harass =Block
:sklock:...Scamming =Block
:sklock:...Begging = Block

:LIS_star:........I May Not Always Add People Who Send an Invite
:LIS_star:........Although I will Accept People From The Groups ( AEG) ( AWG ) ( Older Gamer )
:LIS_star:........And Group ( Never To Old )

:LIS_star:..Sorry For The Rules But There Are The Many That Want To Spoil It For The Few
:LIS_star:..If you Are Fine With The Above Then .....WELCOME....


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Created by - ✿ Adela ✿ and SexAndOutrage
468 ratings
We tried our best this guide to be understandable for everyone and to teach you all the basic steps you need to know in order to be a good player, so we hope you would like it :)
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I wanted to edit this review as i have been playing this game for over 10 years now when it was first released .

It still never ceases to amaze me how addicting it is and the graphics are still pretty good even for its age

If you like shooters / zombies i cannot rate this highly enough... it is easy on the controls and not to hard for new people who start to play it and should run a low end machine quite comfortably

it still has a good following of players in case your wondering about servers you will always get on one.

One last thing it has a lot of cheap and good Dlc like new characters / weapons /accessories
you should get this on a sale when its available but to be honest its worth the Retail Price there asking for it ............Recommended Highly

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Happy weekend Michael :KeepOnSmiling::p_heart:
ylb_1027 28 minutes ago 
Have fun,enjoy life:ghsmile:
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║╔╗║╦║╔╣╔╣╗║ ║║║║═╣═╣╚╣═╣║║║║
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