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Feb 19 @ 7:48am
In topic Hé heu manque un truc.
Franchement si tu peux te faire refund je te le conseille vivement... J'ai acheté sur un site de clé donc je ne peux pas perso, donc j'ai tenté de jouer 10-12h......... Quel calvaire...

Au pire à prendre en solde à 15balles, et encore...

Si tu trouves un pote qui s'amuse à jouer à plusieurs a ce SoM, t'auras du bol, car cest moins fun que l'original et au bout de 15 min de grinding bien relou (compare ça aux Ys 2D.........) tu jettes ta manette
Feb 19 @ 7:42am
In topic Non-Bias Review
Originally posted by Darth-Donuts:
Don't have a problem with your review, but automatically blaming QA for the bugs is an ignorant way of looking at it.

I'm not in QA anymore (switched to dev) but in my company (not gaming, but important software for e-government), this kind of bugs in production would mean the QA team failed. And if it was done "intentionally", it would mean being fired (or receiving a warning)

If they've found the bugs but the management pushed for a release then its another story but I dont believe it. No manager would allow this to be released in this state. You can find bugs in the first 10 minutes of gameplay
Originally posted by Shadowlord Zer0:
The primary market for most remakes is the nostalgia crowd, and they really wanted to bank on that with this one. Some prefer that, some want a full overhaul, such is the nature of the remake, you'll never please everyone.

That's NOT true at all, its not logical to keep bugs and things that ruin the experience... (like the menus or the flawed physics)

I'm fed up with people saying "if I'm okay with this game, then the game is OK, *** off if you didnt like it".................... I wasted 30€ okay but I can live with that. The problem is that Squenix DOESNT GET that it shouldn't release things like this.

You like it but a lot of people don't, and this game will NOT be profitable for Squenix, that's a good thing
I always thought (s)he was a girl actually
Feb 19 @ 5:47am
In topic Non-Bias Review
For me its both, I expected upgraded gameplay, I didn't get it. I expected at least a cleaner interface, I didnt get it.... So after I lowered my expectations and wanted a game without bugs................... And 3 crashes after that, I just uninstalled it

There are too many things that make absolutely no sense :

- The ring menu
- the magic
- impossible to remap all the keys (wtf !!!! seriously, I always use "square" (or X on Xbox controller) to attack in A RPG)
- impossible to map RT & LT (because there were no L2/R2 on the snes controller ?????)
- the broken physics (nothing has been done to make this a little more playable)
Yup, I had the same reaction... nostalgia probably but I remembered it as a funnier game than it really is. And I actually expected a lot of gameplay improvements, not a 1993 game with mobile 2018 graphics.

Even basic A RPG games like Evoland are more enjoyable than this :/ Really

You can't defend a dated battle system like this :/ It's like saying that Ys should go back to their "Motion line" battle system from the first games...
Originally posted by Wormoxide:
Esc key should bring up the options menu as should the start key on a controller. It should never be more convenient to Alt-F4.
I think alt f4 is even blocked in this game, you cant exit it like this (at lest it is in windows 10 borderless window)

I think they should totally remake the menu (the ring just sucks) and... (I know they wont) the gameplay... I bet they hacked a working physics engine to make that broken thing, its not possible otherwise

And are you seriously thinking the game is too easy ? Without brainless magic and weapon leveling, you just get destroyed after 10h~. I know my magic is underleveled but its so NOT fun to level up it that I gave up
Feb 19 @ 5:29am
In topic Play time bug?
Originally posted by TSVStriFe:
SQEnix don't give a fudge about their PC Customers to begin with.

If its normal for you, no wonder you find this port amazing. And BTW the game seems bugged on ps4 too
Feb 19 @ 5:24am
In topic Play time bug?
Originally posted by TSVStriFe:
I haven't gotten this bug yet myself, but it's not the end of the world though it's not like you need a timer to see how long you've played :P It's not that your parents are checking ohh how much hours have he spend on this :P haha.

Thats not the problem, something like this is something you remark after testing the game for less that 1h.... That just proves they just don't care about testing their PC version
Feb 19 @ 5:23am
In topic Play time bug?
I got the "0hp alive" and the crash several time too...
Feb 19 @ 5:22am
In topic 12 hours to finish the game
If you like to suffer, be bored and shout at your screen, yes its a wonderful game.
Feb 19 @ 5:17am
In topic 12 hours to finish the game
Kid is not an insult.......... You're reacting like a kid, yes... sorry

Omg plz that last sentence... Have you signed a contract with Squenix or what ? pfff, I thought you were a cool guy but you're just another mindless fanboy who accepts anything "because if we dont buy we wont get future games bouhouhouhouhou". If that's what they want to make, thats fine by me they can stop any day
Feb 19 @ 5:14am
In topic 12 hours to finish the game
Omg plz, I'm 30yo I'm not a kid anymore, you seem to still be one. Good for you, >>>>>>>>>I<<<<<<<< had absolutely no fun playing this game. People should know its not fun. If you like the game, good for you, that doesn't make my criticism not valid. I've actually played this, its not like I'm bashing a game only because of what others are saying....

I'm done with this "debate". This game just SUCKS and you withe knighting for this won't change this fact...
Feb 19 @ 3:39am
In topic 12 hours to finish the game
Originally posted by TSVStriFe:
battle grows on you easily people are too nitpicking. For once I would like to see a discussion/forum be filled with not only stuff about how bad something is, but how enjoyable a game is. PPL should stop being so greedy and nitpicky. Yuck just Yuck.

Please stop this, how old are you ? You're older than me and you still white knight games like your life depends on it (obviously because a PC port exists, you even got OQ port for that exact same reason - don't even try to fool me).

This remake is not a remake and only a few people will enjoy this. It's already a flop and not even one press review is positive.

I want Squenix to know this kind of remake is NOT acceptable for 40€. Where am I at fault ??? I paid full price for this♥♥♥♥♥♥
After 10h of game and 4-5 deaths in the same area due to mobs spamming magic on me or simply due to bugs, I had to stop. That menu system is just so awful

I decided to buy the game without reading reviews because I loved the original game (via Instant gaming, so no refund).

So a lot of people don't like something because it obviously sucks, we're just "nitpicking" ?


Originally posted by Dunder Chief:
Your first video, yeah... it's a known bug but isn't game breaking or anything.

Your last videos...

They actually programmed this game mimic the behavior of the original SNES version, which is freakin badass from a development perspective.

Alot of the "problems" people are complaining about are actually intended behavior because that's what the original did.

Are you serious ? BADASS to reproduce bugs ? I'm a dev (not games but well) you should talk with my boss I think !!!!!

It's THE WORST IDEA EVER ! I expected an updated battle system not an exact copy with even more bugs. Why are you white knighting this... Nowadays on these forums its only a matter of being a "hardcore fan" or a hater...
there are a lot of problems in this game anyway. Having the exact same flawed battle system is a stupid idea... a very stupid idea, the one who had this idea should be fired from Squenix. Immediatly. NOW, And I want to know his name too...

I guess reproducing the same broken physics was a lot harder than using a working physics engine...

I got this undead bug 3 or 4 times in only 10h. I gave up after that
Feb 19 @ 3:27am
In topic ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Voice Acting Question
Don't buy this, just don't !!! VA is only a minor issue... The Japanese VA is a bit better but its still generic AF and adds nothing
Feb 19 @ 3:24am
In topic 12 hours to finish the game
Originally posted by Caeris:
The game is made to easy (veterans know it).

In SNES you´re maybe in 12h just 1/3 at the game.

You still have to grind a lot, you had to grind more in the snes game... That's not what I call "challenge"... I'm an "old gamer" (30yo) and maybe I'm getting too old but how can you say that the grind is fun with this kind of flawed battle system....
Feb 19 @ 3:23am
In topic Play time bug?
Yes, this game didn't even go trough basic testing............. We all have this bug
Do yourself a favor dont buy this (see the mouse next to my profile name ?...)

In all points, its worse than the original games. I got 3 gamebreaking bugs in 10h play (boss died but did no despaw => reset needed, 3 char "zombies" with 0 hp that cant be hit or hit back => reset, stuck in a wall => reset.............

The flawed battle system works A LOT (yes A LOT) better with sprites, its just too frustrating and impredicable in 3D (sometimes you dont hit a mob and you wonder why... Yes I know the mobs have a invicibility time after a knockback but its not consistent at all....)

The music is worse (even if its nota problem for you, its a matter of fact)...

Its not a remake at all, its an old game with a modern painting ...

Oh and did I mention the menu ???? ITs even worse than the bad menu of the original game, there is no memory so you have to go trough 3-4 menus EVERY TIME you want to cast a magic... And last but not least, there is the same outdated mechanics when the WHOLE GAME freezes when casting a magic... And some mobs can just spam it on you...

Dont make the same mistake as me (I'm 30yo, Ive played the original game several times and I loved it... but I just can't like a "remake" like this...)

I'm not a hater, I've played a lot of games with mixed reviews... I'm just a♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off gamer. Squenix its the last JRPG I buy from you out of nostalgia

I've tried to love this but I just cant (thats why I've played 10h~), it becomes too frustrating after a while (when you HAVE to use spells, in early game I just used Ice and heal...).

If wish I could donate it to you so you can see for yourself...
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