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Oct 5 @ 3:27am
In topic MG Bipods
MG class in this game seems like an afterthought to the devs apparently. Weak zoom compared to rifle, deployment of MG's is horrible, just a complete mess, etc...They need to take a page out of Tripwire's book, the devs of RO2 who made MG's properly. I just refuse picking MG class lately as it is frustrating.
Sep 30 @ 3:00am
In topic Machine guns need over head cover.
Cover/ducking system for MG's like in RO2 is needed as previous posters here said, and one more important thing is to even up zoom value between MG's and plain bolt action rifle. MG's should be feared, and be a force on the battlefield as they were/are in real life. MG is already taxed enough as it is with static deployement, lower concealment(loud constant gunfire sounds and tracers visibility), slower movement, faster stamina burnout usage, and 1 per team availability. Can the developers acknowledge this issues and make MG's more of a threat as they were?
Aug 28 @ 10:43am
In topic Opinions on "Balancing"
It is not even two shot kill, as I had to shot my target thrice to kill it in 2 separate occasions where I witnessed it requires 3 hits to drop the target(and that was in close range,no kidding), that's how weak it is in PS along with its SMG like miniscule zoom, which is laughable and beyond silly, making it totally useless weapon. You don't see that "balancing" unrealistic♥♥♥♥♥♥even in CoD or BF, and that is perposterous tbh, that they made Gewehrs so weak that it is useless weapon for any kind of engagement. Even in CQB Kar98 is hands down better option.

This "nerf balancing" of weapons is what put me off from leaving positive commentary for PS on its store page, and I give it 2, 3 at max patches for them to drop that nerfed crap or I will stop playing the game altogether, as it is big dissapointment for company that strives for realistic shooters.

As some of the previos posters said, give allies more soldiers and tanks per team if you must, but for God's sake don't make the travesty of nerfed panzers and weapons...You will start losing even your oldest supporters if you keep this line of thinking and game path.
Aug 28 @ 7:27am
In topic Opinions on "Balancing"
Sorry state that G41/43 is in since start of this game/beta is downright unrealistic and stupid, and I avoid those rifles like a plague, and from what I see others do aswell. It should have same stopping power as Kar98, like they do in RO2 for example, and yet for some reason devs in this game decided to make Gewehr's a weaksausce rifle, both in terms of weak zoom and stopping power. Same goes for MG weak zoom IMO. MG is already taxed by lower(slower) mobility, deployment requirements, which btw on many surfaces and objects(odd windows, hatches, roofs) don't even want to deploy or work, etc, and yet in PS the MG is not the force it was in real life and as it should be in this game for reasons unknown to us...
Aug 12 @ 1:40am
In topic Matches are FAR too long.
Originally posted by Limey21:
Lets not try to turn the game into call of duty please.
My thoughts exactly. For the love of all that is good, please stop making posts like this where there is a demand for shorter matches, more action and whatever kind of character progression system, etc... That crap doesn't belong here, in this game. Don't ruin this awesome game with CoD/BF like demands, please.

OP, I'm not saying here that you yourself demand all of this which I just mentioned, but this is meant for other posters that I regulary notice making this demands on this discussion board.

You are right about tickets not being much of a factor atm, but there will be other game modes soon in future patches that will change that, so just be patient.
Jul 22 @ 7:14am
In topic Buff Gewher 43
That is true, Kar98 is hands down all around better choice, while being available for all role slots. Gewehr zoom and power needs to be buffed and ironsights enlarged a bit, especially considering it is limited to 1 slot class. I avoid it like a plaque atm.
Jul 22 @ 3:37am
In topic Buff Gewher 43
Not only that, but its ironsights are tiny and hence difficult to properly use or am I missing something?? In RO2 G43 was deadly, in PS, it is weak and hard to use properly, at least from my scarce expirience using it, or try to use it with any success...very underwhelming expirience along with other few things on german side too, not just Gewehr.
Jul 18 @ 9:14am
In topic What WW2 weapon is your Favorite?
Jul 17 @ 9:58am
In topic It seems it really...
...might start midnight CET today. I jut launched beta and ticked different version server tab in server list, then refresh and it listed dev servers with players in it. Not long now, can't wait. :)
Sounds interesting and promising so I just might sign up for it...12h non stop playing in campaign is too hardcore though, or can you play in 2-3 hour intervals then come back for more inside those 12h windows?!?
Jul 6 @ 12:03pm
In topic Will this game have TrackIR Support?
Definatelly, I bought TrackIR5 Pro few months ago, so I was bummed to learn it ain't supported in Squad and here. They should make it one of their top priority IMO. Hopefully they listen.
in 3-5 hours it is bed time for us Europeans, so that is unacceptable... EF EF ES !!!! ARRRGHHHH
*cringes in dismay :(

P.S. But news about new stuff in this version is very good and satisfying. Hopefully we get to play some of it tonight.
well, that sucks ballz...
Jul 6 @ 11:40am
In topic Test ends sunday 8am??
I'm not the one who is usually moaning or complaining about such stuff, but I have to admit this one is really a headscratcher decision by the devs...why no test until Monday morning so we can play on Sunday. I'm coming back from the trip on Sunday evening, so I will only be able to play on Friday evening. :(
Jun 17 @ 7:03am
In topic Refunded
Unfortunately, this game requires big screen monitor, and anyone with it is at big advantage over the rest of players who don't have one. I have a 22" one and I feel very disadvantaged compared to people playing with 24" and above. I have seen the difference(quite noticable) between 22" and 24", and you can only imagine the difference with people playing on 27" monitor. So yes, it sucks. I will have to buy new big♥♥♥♥♥scren moitor too when I will be in position to buy it.
May 14 @ 9:51pm
In topic dead
I'm interesteda to at least try it once PS is released. I'm long, long time veteran player of RO2, where I played German side 99% of time, and MG34/MG42's are like my third arm. Also have quite alot of Arma3 experience. I'm croatian, with good english speaking ability.
Apr 3, 2014 @ 10:44pm
In topic Three Families mod for Rome II...
Apr 3, 2014 @ 10:39pm
In topic Three Families mod for Rome II...
He just put it back on workshop informing us he got help to make it work with new patch. He said it will be even better this time around, and to expect the update by the end of this week or the next.

So great news all in all, can't wait.
Mar 31, 2014 @ 8:47am
In topic I am an idiot, yes I bought all DLC's
Originally posted by Specta:
Originally posted by TwitchTvAntpile:

While the AI being stupid is frustrating to be sure, I would like to note that it is pretty hard to make an AI appear smart. I say "appear" smart, because we currently do not have the technology to make it actually smart. We can only precode certain behaviors that may happen when certain variables are met that can appear as if it were making an intelligent decision. Point is, smart AI isn't going to happen in this decade and probably not the next.

That being said, you'd think there would be some sort of failsafe in there that ensure the computer attacks no matter what after a certain number of minutes or something. This would also lead to stupid attacks where the computer throws its units into a chokepoint and loses terribly, but what can you do?

What I'm wondering is why you don't just let the battle timer run out? I learned long ago, shortly after the release of Rome 2 during my first campaign, to set the battle timer to 20 minutes in case the computer decides to just sit outside of a town or something dumb.

Sorry plenty other games out there that code way more complex AI action than just a simple siege .

Sooner people face up to the FACT that CA dont employ the staff with the skills to do the job.After 10 patchs and 4 dlc its a scandle.

Sega need to take a look in House at CA becuase to many staff getting paid for terrible work and managers letting them get away with it . I hear nepotism is the main problem with CA they days friends of friends family all on the pay roll no one wants to rock the boat.

They Need to sack a few of these clowns and give up on DLC and there crap free skins and lose the patronising and condescending PR team who talk to us like we are kids.


Seems like they took longstanding loyal customers of TW for granted, at least many of them. They are in for rude awakening when they drop a glance on sales chart for next TW title, if this unacceptable core issues stay unresolved. Everything has it's limits. I hope CA takes a hint.
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