Kyle   Cleveland, Ohio, United States
PSN - Aflac_Attack. Origin - Aflac_Attack. Battlenet - KyleKilledU

Mostly FPS and Strategey.
You've probably seen me around various games over the years going by either Kyle, KyleKilledU, OwnageKiller, or Aflac_Attack.
If your profile is private, I'm not adding you. And you're a bitch.

Battlefield God. Call of Duty Master. Command and Conquer King.
(Steam messed up my stats, I've been here since '07 and have much more gametime than I'd like to admit.)
[Insert epic-gamery-epenis-computer stats here]

The Rocket League playerbase has got to be the most pathetic scummy dumsterfire I've come across in years. It truly has reached levels previously unknown of teamfucking, trolling, and just straight being bad at video games. I really should stop even being surprised at the feats of "toxic" faggotry I come across almost daily, but still there's always at least that one dude who continues to amaze me. Unreal.
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