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Money is money 1

Earn $700
Unlocked Jun 17 @ 2:44pm

Money is money 2

Earn $5000

Money is money 3

Earn $15000

Money is money 4

Earn $80000

Delivery man 1

Finish 5 requests

Delivery man 2

Finish 10 requests

Delivery man 3

Finish 15 requests

Delivery man 4

Finish 20 requests

Delivery man 5

Finish 25 requests

Car guy 1

Buy the Ram Transporter

Car guy 2

Buy the Benton Kidd

Car guy 3

Buy the Time Traveler

Car guy 4

Buy the Viper 81

Car guy 5

Buy the Luxardo Beretti

Knock knock

Open 30 windows with a crowbar

Like a thief in the night

Get 30 S ranks for stealing

Like a champion

Win brawls 20 times

No place like home 1

Buy the hut estate

No place like home 2

Buy the medium house estate

No place like home 3

Buy the big house estate

The regular

Get Revered reputation with Stacks

Like a second son

Get Revered reputation with Raymond & son

Here's Johnny

Take a picture of a unique axe

They are alive

Take a picture of a unique glasses

It can’t be bargained with

Take a picture of a unique robot hand

You're not expendable

Take a picture of a unique knife

Like tears in the rain

Take a picture of a unique origami unicorn

Old but gold

Gather 15 golden VHS in sandbox mode

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