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Meeting Resistance

Weaken the Atlantic wall and rendezvous with Blue Viper.
Unlocked Jun 1 @ 6:06am

Organ Grinder

Hit every organ at least once with a rifle.
Unlocked Jun 1 @ 6:19am

Confirming Suspicions

Raid Chateau de Berengar and Möller's Office.

The Kraken Wakes

Infiltrate Beaumont-Saint-Denis and Uncover Operation Kraken.

It's Starting to Crack

Destroy Operation Kraken's production facility at Martressac.

Taking it Back

Liberate Desponts-sur-Douve and secure Allied transport routes.

Can't Outrun A Bullet

Kill Möller with a rifle at a distance of 600 meters or more.

Climbing the Ladder

Reach rank 40.


Complete the campaign.

Best of the Best

Complete the entire campaign on Authentic difficulty.

No Stone Unturned

Complete 16 optional objectives.

Opposing Force

Win one Axis Invasion as an Invader.

Enemy at the Gates

Defeat an invading Sniper Jager.

Fields of Glory

Join and finish one team-based PVP match.

Just a Flesh Wound

Complete a mission, excluding the "Loose Ends" mission, in any difficulty without healing.


Make a tank shoot and destroy another enemy vehicle.

Master of Pistols

Obtain six pistol-related mastery medals.

Master of Secondaries

Obtain six secondary-related mastery medals.

Master of Rifles

Obtain six rifle-related mastery medals.


Become the Master of each weapon.


Kill 150 enemies with a Pistol.


Kill 300 enemies with a Secondary Weapon.


Kill 350 enemies with a Rifle.

The Long Game

Total kill distance of 100,000 meters.

Set Europe Ablaze

Kill 50 enemies with traps.

Precision Is Key

Kill 150 enemies with any weapon while in Iron Sights.

Out of Scope

Kill 150 enemies with a rifle while in Iron Sights.

Rigged to Blow

Kill 20 soldiers using booby traps.

My Little Friend

Kill 50 soldiers with heavy weapons.

Explosive Efficiency

Kill 3 on-foot soldiers with one grenade.

Lord of War

Get a kill with 20 different weapons.

Die Nussknacker Sweet!

Get a testicle shot with a rifle from a distance of 100 meters or more.


Kill 50 enemy soldiers with Found Weapons.

Der Geist

Achieve 250 ghost kills.

As quiet as a mouse

Kill 50 enemies during a Sound Mask.

Close Quarters

Perform 100 lethal takedowns.

Snake in the Grass

While in Tall Grass, kill 50 soldiers.

From Paris with Love

Collect 41 Personal letters.

Burn after reading

Collect 39 classified documents.

Souvenir hunter

Collect 24 Hidden Items.

Eagle Eyed

Destroy 24 Dead-eye Targets.


Interact with 24 workbenches.

It'll Buff Right Out

Destroy Möller's shiny new car.

Locomotion Commotion

In Martressac, create an accident that destroys the train in the storage area.

Up close and personal

Melee takedown each one of the three snipers guarding the bridge.

Road Rage

In Research Facility, find and destroy one of each type of vehicle present in this mission.

Don't hold your breath

Make the final shot in St Nazaire without using Empty Lung.

Brains of the Operation

Kill Möller with a headshot.

Sight Beyond Sights

Kill Möller with a rifle, while in Iron Sights.

Shoot for the Moon

Complete three survival missions.

Führerious Repetition

Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler 5 times.

Reich To The Point

Wolf Mountain - Kill only Hitler and exfiltrate.

From Führer Away

Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler at a distance of 300 meters or more.

Covert Elimination

Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler and exfiltrate without ever being detected.


Wolf Mountain - Complete the mission on Authentic difficulty.

Herr Today, Gone Tomorrow

Wolf Mountain - Complete the mission.

Operation Foxley

Wolf Mountain - Complete the mission with a 2 star rating.

Das Familienjuwel

Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler with a testicle shot.

Last Resort

Complete the campaign mission - Landing Force.

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