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14.6 hrs on record (14.2 hrs at review time)
Played this on a regular PC with mouse and keyboard setup which means I was not affected by the VR and Hotas issues.
The 60 FPS bug is the only serious issue I encountered. I had to use a framelimiter and set it to 60 FPS to avoid stutter - it's mind blowing that in 2020 games are still launching with obvious issues like this, but I'm going to ignore it for now, hoping they will fix it soon...

The Campaign:
Length is around 8 hours which would've been fine, but content- and quality-wise not so much. It's probably the most predictable, uninspired campaign "story" I've ever played.
Mission design is boring, you pretty much always do the same thing. The story lacks any kind of inspiration, honestly it feels like the people who made it didn't even wanted to try and do better.

You are supposed to talk to people between the missions, but they didn't record any voice lines for our character, so they talk to you and your character is dead silent the whole time - he/she has some one liners during missions but most of them are cringe.
There are some potentially interesting characters, voice acting is great, but the story is garbage. The BF2 campaign was better and that game doesn't have an award winning story mode either...
The studio (Motive) also seems to have a fetish when it comes to deserting Imperial characters. This time they couldn't even wait till the tutorial mission was over... And this conflict is also used as one of the driving parts of the "story" (again, nothing original, it's pretty much the Battlefront 2 campaign on budget).

This is in my opinion the only part where the game truly shines.
Nothing revolutionary, similar games have these as well - possibly even better - but the ship mechanics, system controls and customizations are very well done.
They give you tons of options to modify them, each component has a pro/con - so while there are some balancing issues, overall I think the system works and they don't give you a huge advantage.
More importantly, each ship feels and plays differently, they all have their roles.

Overall the flying "feels" weird, it's like I'm floating rather than flying. The sense of speed isn't perfect, I think it's partially because of the first person view.
Aiming with mouse and keyboard is challenging, but setting the Mouse Screen Motion Range to 100% helps a lot. It's not bad, but there is room for improvements.

The game has 2+1 MP modes: Death match and an objective based game mode where the goal is to take down the enemy capital ship (you can play this in Co-Op PvE and Ranked PvP).
Only 6 maps though and the map design could use some tweaks. One of the maps is literally just one huge empty space with clouds in the background. No debris, no wreckage, nothing to use as cover and utilize all those mechanics. In reality it's only 5 maps +1 "bonus".

I played Starfighter Assault in BF2 and I'd say the map and objective design offered more variety there, the D'Qar map with the generators messing with gravity is the textbook example of how to spice things up in a flying game like this and use the possibilities offered by the map.
This game has much more complex flying mechanics, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's more fun to play, especially in the long term. The lack of variety is already an issue.

People who waited for a flying Star Wars game will probably like this, especially if they played the classic X-wing/TIE games, but overall I think it could've been a much better game.
Even though it's not a fully priced AAA title, I don't think it offers good value in its current state and as of today they have no plans to release post-launch content updates.

So if you are hyped and have nothing else to play right now buy it, otherwise wait for a sale: 20-25€ is a more realistic price for this.
Posted October 4, 2020. Last edited October 6, 2020.
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139.6 hrs on record (0.1 hrs at review time)
Played regularly on Origin since launch (2017)

If you like Star Wars and multiplayer games you'll probably like this game too and have a good 50-100 hours of fun, maybe even more.

Campaign: it's fine, but don't expect much, it's the typical 5 hour shooter campaign. There is some good writing there, the characters are great, but the story was rushed and the way it's presented doesn't make much sense...

Single Player/Offline Content: Beside the Campaign there is Arcade and Instant Action (Supremacy and Missions). Arcade was the main offline mode for nearly 2 years, but wouldn't waste my time on it, because IA is much better and more fun to play. It's basically the offline port (with bots) of Supremacy (Ground phase) and Co-Op missions.

Online Modes - there is plenty:

  • 2 large scale modes: Galactic Assault, Supremacy
  • Modes focusing on hero combat: Heroes vs. Villains, Hero Showdown
  • Close quarter modes: Strike and Blast - one is a small objective based mode the other is classic TDM
  • Starfighter modes:
    Starfighter Assault: GA in space with ships
    Hero Starfighters: a mix of HvV and Showdown with hero ships
  • Ewok Hunt: A very unique Survival mode with 2 maps where you have to hunt down Stormtroopers with Ewoks and the Empire forces have to survive till extraction.

  • Co-Op, basically this is the first (online) mode every new player should try first. Allows you to level up classes, their cards, weapons the easy way, by playing with 3 other players against AI and completing "missions" (don't expect much variety it's always the same "Capture command post" just on a different map. Thankfully at least there are 2 scenarios for each map (Defend and Attack).

And now my experience:

My main game modes are: HvV, GA, Supremacy with a little SA and Strike.

The game has come a long way since that disastrous launch in 2017, we've got plenty of new content, new modes, new maps, new characters and BUGS - LOTS of BUGS.
When I said you'll have a good 50-100 hours I meant it because of this. At first it seems like a really nice and well made game, but the more time you spend with it, the more issues you'll notice.
We still have bugs existing since launch (2017) and each new update just added more - most of them are more serious and affect multiple abilities/characters.
Balancing-wise the developers constantly proved they are not up to the task.
You don't design/balance a character or map based on lore and because "hE iS tHe ChOsEn OnE" - players who remember Launch Anakin will know what I'm talking about...

I do believe the devs are SW fans, they like this franchise/game and they made a pretty and Immersive™ game, but most of their balancing and gameplay choices were questionable at best and definitely not suitable for a multiplayer environment...

The PC Issues:
Lack of proper Anti-Cheat: it's been an issue with the "first" 2015 game too. This game's "anti-cheat" is no different, completely ignores and fails to detect the most obvious cheats like damage hacks. You can oneshot a hero, objective with the worst gun and the game/server doesn't care.
Cheaters with half a brain with less obvious stuff are playing since launch, they are even bragging about it in the game chat how they never got banned for using cheats. Reporting them doesn't do much - even if they get banned after weeks or months, they are back in the game in 5 minutes with a new account. The lack of a working and automated anti-cheat has been the number one PC-specific issue.

Matchmaking issues: Better than BFV's (at least we have team shuffle) but don't expect miracles. It's fully random and doesn't even have basic balancing logic: you can have a 20 player stack of veteran players against low-level new players who bought the game yesterday. One team pretty much always absolutely destroys the other - that's the SWBF2 PvP experience in a nutshell.

Lack of features/Inconsistencies: Not every map/planet is available in all game modes which is somewhat understandable due to how different they are. HvV and Blast has the most maps. The main launch mode (GA) lacks the new maps like Felucia, Ajan Kloss and Scarif. The new Supremacy game mode lacks Crait, Starfkiller Base, Endor and also doesn't have a second ship phase when playing on the OT maps. Co-Op doesn't have Bespin and Crait. - just to highlight the most important modes.
ST and OT content updates were rushed compared to the PT playlist and it shows especially when it comes to the new Supremacy mode: PT: 5 maps and 2 phases, ST: 3 maps and 2 phases, OT: 5 maps, ground phase only.

Era selector is only available for the 2 latest modes (Supremacy and Co-Op), there is no server browser, no way to create custom games/private matches - which will definitely affect the the game's lifespan.

There was a post on the official Battlefront subreddit that listed 200+ issues, a week later EA/Dice announced the final patch and end of support...


It's an okay game that always had the potential and while my review might sound a bit too negative I'd still recommend it.

But in the eyes of a "veteran" player it still has way too many issues and limitations.

They spent considerable amount of time and resources to redeem this game and it worked, shame it was left in a pretty messy state.
Posted June 12, 2020. Last edited June 12, 2020.
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14.1 hrs on record (13.3 hrs at review time)
Review in progress - game on hold until patch(es)...

So far:

The story itself looks exciting - I really like the documentary style, the characters and the atmosphere is promising. But this game suffers from major issues.

The 30 FPS lock will be the least of our problems (never should have been there in the first place), the graphics doesn't look as good as it should be, low quality textures everywhere. There is also a constant blurriness which spoils the look of the game even further. Suffers from lots of minor (but annoying) bugs, full of glitches and other issues (regarding both graphics and gameplay).

The AI is stupid, sorry there isn't any, this "openworld" gameplay must be a joke in 2016. Watch_Dogs seems like GTA6 compared to this game.

All of the problems mentioned above could have been avoided if they take some extra time to polish the game and delay it for a couple of months.

Will update the review when I finish the game, until then I can't recommend it.
Posted October 8, 2016. Last edited October 8, 2016.
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16.5 hrs on record
I was a little dissapointed when I heard this expansion will only have a NOD campaign, but the final product is so well developed it "compensates" the lack of other factions.
The new "Global Conquest" mode is an interesting addition, just like the new factions and their unique units.

I wish they would have rather done a Scrin expansion (like this one) instead of that disgrace Tiberian Twilight...
Posted October 5, 2016. Last edited October 5, 2016.
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10.8 hrs on record
This game should be erased from the history of C&C.

- soundtrack, audio effects

- everything else

An unfinished PoS. Even though I liked the new game mode it should have been an addition - not a replacement - to the classic basebuilding mechanics.
Posted October 5, 2016. Last edited October 5, 2016.
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44.9 hrs on record (44.3 hrs at review time)
One of the best RTS games. Enjoyable single player Campaign, the graphics and the quality of the cutscenes still holds up to today's standards - which is quite amazing considering this was released nearly 10 years ago.
Played the campaign for the 4th time and still can't get bored with it. Even though the actors were not very convincing the atmosphere of the game is amazing.
Posted October 5, 2016.
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21.9 hrs on record (17.0 hrs at review time)

- great if you want to play large scale battles with many units on a big map and don't care for anything else
- music, audio effects


- the single player campaign is a joke: no voiceover for ingame messages/interactions between the characters, no subtitle under videos, short and only 11 missions, the story is above average.
- graphics: while some effects are well developed some parts of the game looks horrible (terrain, ground textures, random graphical glitches)
- maps are boring, the level design should improve
- gameplay related bugs, glitches even after several months of beta testing
- ridiculous things for a PC exclusive title like you have to restart the game every time you change a video setting (even the most basic ones like resolution/fullscreen or windowed mode).
- badly optimized: while DX12 will allow slower CPU's to catch up, it's ridiculous you need the latest flagship graphics cards for 1080p@60 experience - it does not look THAT good.

The whole game feels like it's still in early access - An unfinished, unpolished early CONCEPT of a game.

Big (boring) maps and thousands of units are not necessairly the key to the success...

Improve the gameplay experience: better story, better single player campaign, better level design. It does not have to be huge - sometimes less is more...
These are my suggestions for the next game (if there will be any) because the technology itself looks promising.
Posted April 1, 2016.
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69.8 hrs on record (40.9 hrs at review time)
A worthy end of the Batman Arkham series. Too bad the PC version was a disaster for weeks... Now it's "acceptable".
Posted February 19, 2016.
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24.6 hrs on record (22.2 hrs at review time)
Best Arkham game!
Posted December 20, 2013.
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