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Jun 7 @ 4:18pm
In topic After update i not connect!
+ .. I tried the mathmaking three times.. The third time i even got 5min penalty for not joining the game .. WP VAVLE :steamsalty:
May 7 @ 11:00am
First of all, it is going to be published globally at the same time.
Second of all, They will also launch info page about it ... There will be no patch before the article. So just keep checking
What is different? What do it means for me?
But the key move to normaly after update? or not?
yea i miss it ... so nochance have a some of this treasure?
I bought a International key and on marktet a treasure of champions... but money get of but treasure nowhere.. Can i do something ? or ?
Showing 1-8 of 8 entries