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So quiet, only faint music from my nearby headset is playing. Everything is vanishing in darkness. This night feels like it will last...forever. Faint voice nearby calls my name. Voice, that is so smooth. Where is that voice? I can hear it calling me. I can hear footsteps, are they really human steps? They are coming closer and closer, and they call my name. I can see them... they are there, watching me with their big eyes. What are they and who are they? We will never know...
Everything is so quiet, my vision is getting blurry.
I feel cold air on my skin.
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If you like 2D platformers, music or puzzles this is game for you.

With controller its easy to play.
Music is so beautiful.
Story is fantastic along with music.
Artstyle is smooth and good.
Puzzles are many in this but still they are simple.
Ability system is simple.
Did i mention music was epic?

"Boss Fights" are not so easy.

Heres a touching story:
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JameClumper Nov 15, 2013 @ 10:56am 
+ rep, fast and fair