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Actually I prefer Kroger Chicken but what ev.
Originally posted by Sammy.G2:
pls help me

Unfortuantly your kidney isn't worth enough to get all the elite skins.
Sep 7 @ 8:56pm
In topic Tourney problems
Originally posted by Alexoferith:
Ah yes, Alchemy, I thought about that. Mathematically, someone has proved in a post here that alchemy is the most economical way to make money as herbs are free and legal as well. But you have to grind a very long time to get all the perks with it. When you get to level 20 in alchemy, you can "autobrew" once and get 3 potions. I, myself couldn't stand it because I literally fell asleep every time I tried to grind. But if you don't mind the grind, alchemy is the most economically and most honourable way to make money as one of the perks with high level in alchemy is that you can sell your potions at 20% higher. You can google the most profitable potion to make. I didn't go down that route so I don't know which potion is most profitable. But I do know that digestive potion is the quickest one to make for grinding. Autobrew only gives you FOUR points each time you execute it whereas normal potion making, i.e. with all the animation and movements, you get 40 points each go. I am at level 18 in alchemy but I just couldn't bear it anymore, LOL so I stopped grinding in alchemy.

You are probably just making potion making harder than it needs to be. Its actually fairly easy and doesn't require anything to complex. You don't even need to use the timer. Frankly you can make so much money so quickly with potion making that there isn't actually enough money to sell all of your potions lol.
Sep 7 @ 8:09pm
In topic Tourney problems
Originally posted by Alexoferith:
There is a fixed number of winning bets you can get out of the miller so you can't avoid it. As you may have read from other posts, the best money making task is to hunt deer and boars then sell the meat if you want to go the honourable path. Actually, it is not the most honourable if you want to stick to the principle of being honourable because it is illegal until you are appointed to be a huntsman. But this can only be done much later in the game along the main story. A lot of people prefer stealing from the traders in Rattay as their trunks are refreshed after a certain time. The most honourable way to make money if you have to go down that route is to take part in the repeatable activity called Chump on the river. It is just another form of bow tournament where you win by hitting as many arrows as you can by shooting logs that are floating down the river at Lexxxxx, sorry, I forgot how to spell the name of the town. Each tournament lasts about one in game hour. I think the guy will be there from 8am or 9am and the tournament ends around 7pm or 8pm. I made around 1,000 gold per game day.
The other obvious way to make money is to kill bandits and cumans. But this is only reliably profitable when your level is high, probably higher than 12. As your level gets higher, the game seems to give enemy with higher armour. So, you need a good horse with the noble saddle which gives you large storage space. You can google which horse and what equipment to get for it.

Um Alchemy is the most profitable way to make money that is legal.
Sep 4 @ 2:04pm
In topic Infected Animation
Originally posted by Vampyr Graveyard:
Originally posted by Bismarck:
Isn't that the point of a negative status ?
Well you usually suffer from it by taking damage, or whatever effect. But I've never seen a game where the character had to have an animation for it that staggers the player.

I mean, if you can name another game that does, I'd like to know and avoid that one, too. I've played many enjoyable games with negative status effects.

I just thought it was a strange design choice.

There are plenty of other games with negatives that effect movement, A great example is the tales series, where paralyzed would cause you to be unable to attack or move occasionally in combat (real time combat) As just one example.
Sep 4 @ 3:13am
In topic Better than Dark Souls
Originally posted by I Like Watermelons:
Also I think that random wipes of people game saves is amazing.
That's completely new feature, learn From Software!

To be fair From Software has also been known to dabble in corrupting save files.
Sep 3 @ 2:16pm
In topic Was considering buying...
Originally posted by Retro Frog:
Originally posted by Jinn-Gon Qui:

Then stop whining like the little self-righteous bigot that you are, who whines about Communism along with the only second word they keep spamming "gaslighting". Get a clue and breather. You've lost your credibility in this argument.
Anyone who opposes communism is a bigot now. But this guy is totally not a communist. He just spends an entire week trolling the Steam forums defending communism while trying to convince everyone that what we see and hear is not real, aka gaslighting. Because that is the only argument that communists have. But trust them guys, communism is actually really great, it just hasn't been tried good enough yet. The mountain of bodies is not tall enough yet. Communism will finally be perfect when the mountain of bodies reaches the moon and we are finally all equal, because we are all equally dead.

Well no, he's trying to get you to realize what YOU see and hear isn't there.
Sep 1 @ 6:05am
In topic why people spawn peek and jump out
Originally posted by HeroPenguin:
because they suck at CQC :Dogeface::13LRhelp:

They spawn peak and jump out because you take to long to get into the building so they are ending the match faster so they can play people who can actually cqb..... :steammocking:
Originally posted by Dwight's Pizza:
If you live in the United States say whatever you want to people they cant do anything about it.

Except sue for defamation.
Its really simple folks.

Ubisoft is selling a product. And that product is Rainbow Six Siege "LIVE SERVICE" They expect some people to spend money on cash shop items. And they also believe that people using racist, homophobic, transphobic, ect words hurts there "Product" which in turn costs them money.

Ubisoft is a real easy company to figure out.

If it costs them money they won't do it/accept it/allow it. It really is that simple.
Aug 26 @ 11:04am
In topic Can you plant Forests?
Originally posted by LILI:
1- sorry, but you are wrong. You cannot plant woods if they have been harvested before. In case you have problems with the meaning of 2nd growth:
(plural second-growth forests)
(forestry) A forest which has been harvested and is regrowing.
"which has been harvested" ...

2- And why no? Are you worry about the consumption of electricity wasted for giving information to other people?... a nice concern. But fear not ... my house is on solar panels irl...
I answered this thread for
a- clarifying something I was looking for some times ago.
b- updating the info after the 2 expansions for other player, not only you...
c- and because there is nothing wrong with that.

Thats nice I guess but your information is wrong, and you necroed a 3 year old thread to provide that wrong information.

Builders can plant trees on any tile that Could be a woods tile. IE Grassland, plains, or tundra tiles, that aren't next to lakes. They don't need to have had trees there before. They just need to be a valid tile that could naturally support woods.
Originally posted by A5TRO:

Seems not a single fkn human on planet earth knows the answer to this question, some say yes some say no, does anyone have a definitive answer?

My pc is shared, I have it on steam, my brother wants to play and Uplay has a sale on at the moment so he wants to buy it from there but the game is 50gb+ in size and I don’t want to download the same game twice.

Does anyone actually know?

Many thanks for any help

I own the game on uplay and steam.

The steam version of the game and uplay version are different and would require two seperate installations.
Aug 23 @ 5:13am
In topic Remove ban system and bomb only
Originally posted by MacHorz:
haha outbreak was just for moeny and they didnt make enough out of it.
(and dont tell me they didnt do it not for money, you could only any reward by real money)

This Game had so much but at in the end money counts and they make enough by esports and thats they focus.

I cant wait for Ready or Not

Outbreak did so well for them that a game based on outbreak is releasing soon. You can sign up for the beta right now.
Aug 23 @ 5:12am
In topic Remove ban system and bomb only
Originally posted by {TC} Necromancer Lyucifer:
you talking about a cancerous game that is dying cause the devs not adding anything but babies op / using old guns / not having fun in custom games.

Oh look someone claiming a game is dying despite having record numbers of players......... I guess we should all move on to a game that isn't "Dying" then.
Originally posted by Beta X:
If you have a list of weapons and the best barrels it would greatly be appreciated.

Suppressor is the correct barrel attachment for all weapons.
Aug 22 @ 11:58pm
In topic Why does this include cheats (again)?
Originally posted by Mechanos:
Because that's the point. A singleplayer RPG game including a way to cheat makes no sense, let alone advertising it as an enhancement.

Btw, it doesn't affect you either, just like this thread. So why'd you feel the need to twist my intentions?

Oh right, because you wanted something to troll about. Or you also like to cheat and would rather take jabs at me than discuss the topic. :p

They add cheats because many people would like to re experience an older game with out having to grind and grind there way through the game again. Not everyone wants to pad out a 15 hour story with 40+ hours of grinding.
Aug 22 @ 4:03am
In topic Dev's you are crazy mad lads.
Originally posted by Julius Borisov:
We hope you'll like it!

I was happy that the Switch games were slowing down into december then you had to drop this and all the other classic Isometric rpg's on my table. Dang. Going to have to put in for some overtime.
Aug 22 @ 3:04am
In topic Dev's you are crazy mad lads.
Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition for the Nintendo Switch.

All Expansion.
Cross Play with Xbox and PC players.
And will have support for most NWN persistent worlds........

You guys are crazy mad lads, and my god I think I'll be buying NWN again for like the 7th time.
Aug 22 @ 1:57am
Originally posted by Barnacle Boy:
Originally posted by SeoUilms:
thats $h!tty, i hope there is a chance for r6 quarantine to be on steam.
from the looks of it thats probably not gonna happen, steams 20% cut (assuming quarantine makes 50 million or above) still isnt a match for epics 12% cut
though if you dont want to buy from the epic games store whether it be morals or just not wanting to install another launcher, no worries it is most likely also gonna release on uplay

Well not really. Steam would obviously make more money than Epic selling the same game. Its just Ubisoft is using the Hatred for epic to drive more people to buy from Uplay instead of steam. They don't care what they sell on Epic, they just want to sell more copies on Uplay.
Aug 19 @ 5:19am
In topic About the future and TTK
Originally posted by HadesJK:
Hey StoneCold,
We will constantly be in development.
In heist mode, Character health differs between an Assault, Support, Hacker and Sniper.
We also have Health regeneration in the game
Hope this answers your queries.

I think he's looking for comparisons.

Rainbow Six Siege = Super low time to kill
Battlefield 5 = low time to kill
Overwatch = medium to long time to kill

Is it a one bullet to the head kill, or can you tank some shots to the head and it requires persision and concentrated fire to take down the players.

Is a fight decided by who shoots first, or can you take a hit, get to cover, and reengage?

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