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Hello friends, i am back from my unintentional hiatus. I was flooded by hurricane harvey and was made homeless. For awhile, i spent time between being at my brothers house and a FEMA trailer. June is a month to celebrate though, as i got back into my house this month, got a new pc, and got internet again..with a bunch of other stuff. It is nice to see all your comments below and if you want to talk to me, let me know. I will be busy for awhile on the internet checking my accounts and stuff all over the web, so please drop me line..Thanks! editied on 6/20/2018

Im a casual games who plays games on and off. I like old school games because i was born when old school games were new. I am often referred to as an older gamer because i am! In real life i am a disabled person, so there is not much i can do physically, so this is what i do mostly for fun. Since im older, i do not troll or whatever people are doing on the forums. I am an older gamer and do not understand how to do such things. Such concepts elude me as i usually only post either for my opinon or asking for help.

If im not playing on steam i play on console systems...usually older since most consider me a older games..and i tend to be more mature about my games i own too..i take care of them very well.

I notice a influx of people who are harassing towards people with disabilities on steam. I don't understand hate because hate begets hate. People also apparently accuse me of trolling or other things on the forums when im either being opinionated or asking for help. I do not understand why people would accuse a person who does not understand such things or wishes only the best intentions on a person like me.

I admit i am disabled not to receive symthamy from others, or attention, but to have understanding between me and the other player. I imagine if the world understood those like me, and could see from my point of view, they would understand.

I also suffer from physical pain due to my emotinal difficulty socializing with others. These result from paralysis in the hands, to uncontrolled movement of the legs and other physical manifistations of pain in my body.

I also suffer greatly from depression lots of times. This can cause bad things to happen to people around me. It can throw me into a bad mode, seek friends alot, or other bad things. Please be aware of this.

One other thing, i don't use reputation sites..if there is a link from a reputation site to my profile, it is probably by some scammer. Be aware of this. Thanks!

If your wondering, i was diagnosed for Autism in 1970's, not recently, so if you think i was swept up in the current doctor's fad of diagnosing everyone with this, i was not one of them. I was originally legitimately diagnosed as autism before it was popularized. There was no special classes for people like me when i was younger, so i had to suffer through years of being picked on, bullied, and insulted due to no one understanding this when i was young. Only recently was I recognized since 2000's as having spectrum asperger's syndrome due to my intelligence level.


UPDATE: I also have gone onto a strict exercise regiment in real life to keep my weight down. This is harder for me than it sounds, but im trying to keep up with it. This will exclude me for some days off steam because the next day after exercise may make me very ill, or something else. Regardless, this limits my time on steam. Thanks for understanding! :

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Looking for Mulitplayer in these games, if anyone looking:
The following games i am interested in playing multiplayer...if anyone is looking at my profile page, ask me if you want to and i will try to play them with you if your not busy or if im not busy:

`Gunstar Heroes
`Moon Hunters
`Din's Curse (with Demon War DLC)
`Divinity: Original Sin (or EE edition) - haven't played it yet, so i be noob at it!
`Gauntlet - noob also at it...
`Saints Row 3 and 4 (NO CHEATERS..i want the achievenemts for it..and cheating makes achievements not pop up!)
`Wanderlust: Reborn
`Torchlight II
`Trine 2
`(Town of Salem..but only if with friends completely..will not play anymore with random people!)


Note: I maybe noobish at some of the game because i either have not played them in awhile or i am just confused about them. I am disabled so please bare with me when i join! Also, in real life, i have gone over a exercise regime, so i might not be avaialble to play all the time!
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Happy Weekend Your Way :staxelCat:
Have Fun My Friend :profchaos:
ostiarius⁴²⁰ Feb 6 @ 4:10pm 
i hope u had a great january!!!
❄Krampus❄ Feb 1 @ 6:23am 
❄May you have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe.❄
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:stars:HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!:stars:
:starvanguard:Cheers to a new fantastic 2020:peacedove:
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:champaign: Happy 2020! :champaign:
May all your days and nights be filled with laughter, love, and light!
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