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The New Colossus feels like it took two steps forward, one step back and one step to the side. It doesn't know what it wants and sadly, this applies to the gameplay and the story as well.

Gameplay-wise, it doesn't know if it wants to be a shooter or a stealth game. In the promotional videos, it looked as if DOOM was transported into this alternate reality. The game gives you all these powerful guns but makes your character really weak on the higher difficulties. This is not just the case of having low HP but rather if someone, even a low-level soldier, sneaks up behind you, then it's pretty much game over. Stealth became more unforgiving since the previous game, but still, if you screwed up, you had the chance to continue with all guns blazing. This time, imagine that you have a pretty decent arsenal, nice rock music pumping in the background, but you still have a glass body and you have to be extremely careful in combat.

Sadly, this dichotomy is visible in the story as well. It seems as if the writers couldn't decide if they were making a B-movie like Planet Terror or something more grounded in reality. As a result, the tone is all over the place, like when an emotional scene is interrupted with toilet humour or when a supernatural turn of events is explained by "yeah, this can happen." The new characters feel two-dimensional, literally stuck in archetypes such as "sassy black woman," "paranoid conspiracy theorist" or "preacher with a Midwestern accent." They feel like cardboard cutouts and they have nowhere near the depth of the characters in the original games.

Sure, regardless of the criticisms above, it had its moments and I still went for a 100% completion. However, I certainly don't remember feeling this frustrated with the previous two games. It seems like the developers didn't know how to make both the stealth and the run'n'gun gameplay styles viable ways to progress in the game.

It is really a mixed bag for me, and this is coming from someone who really enjoyed The New Order and The Old Blood. I'm torn between a thumbs up or a thumbs down and I'm afraid I have to go with the latter. For TNO, the successful recipe was this: they made a game that made you feel awesome regardless of your gameplay style. They combined this with an emotional story with complex characters. Disappointingly, the sequel lost both of these qualities, and I can only recommend it during a sale.

EDIT: Perhaps, the review by Hugbox below illustrates these issues in a clearer (and more entertaining) way than I do. I found this video review to be closest to my opinion on the game.

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