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Could have been a great game, but was abandoned by the developers. This is not hyperbole or butthurt exaggeration, the developers saw their sales for the game slow down and just threw their hands up, declaring the game completed. Do not buy it. This is one of the games that caused me to abandon purchasing any more Early Access games on Steam (thank you Doublefine -- I hope you're satisfied with the reputation you're purchasing for yourselves. The free "I'm sorry" shovelware game you gave us early access supporters sucks too, by the way). Do not buy this game.

Awesome graphics and sound are ruined by the crippled AI -- your citizens will literally charge past a fire extinguisher hanging on a wall to stomp on a huge room-sized fire to promptly catch on fire and burn to death. Technicians will do pushups in front of a failing oxygen scrubber, then their air will run out and they'll panic and die. Everyone on your station is mind numbingly stupid, but there's no way to directly control them -- you'll just watch them helplessly as their lack of regard for their own safety causes them to die in a variety of ridiculously preventable ways.
At first it's funny, for a short time. Then it's annoying. Then it's frustrating. Then it becomes infuriating.

Do not buy this game.

I'm somewhat convinced that it is not actually a game, but an elaborate psychological experiment to determine frustration thresholds. Do not buy it.
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Captain Killua Nov 1, 2015 @ 4:55pm 
nice idea for paint the town in red