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Posted: Feb 17 @ 8:53am

Multiplayer review

I almost only ever played the multiplayer so I can't write much about the story mode, but as for the former one, I still play it to this day since the release and it still holds up great. Graphics wise it's a little outdated, but it doesn't look too old and with respect to everything else, it's still as good as any of the modern shooters. The weapons are fun and because of the map editor, there is an endless number of maps to play on. (And there are countless good ones that were inherited from the huge map creating community.) All in all the multiplayer is still a lot of fun that holds up by today's standards. (Don't look at my played hours. I still mainly use the retail version.)

As for the number of players, it definitely could do better. (And will.) Unfortunately, the game always had it's weird problems. The online mode literally didn't work for years (it was revived in August, 2019) and even right now we're waiting for Ubisoft to fix a recent issue that prevents most players from logging in, although there are still matches daily. (Servers are provided 24/7.) I can say from experience that it still has a lot of potential and is set to have a good run in the future for a game that's more than 10 years old.

Because of the game's still unresolved issues, a third party patching utility is needed to make the online multiplayer work. If you're interested, please, visit my support website that has everything needed to be able to play:

Hope to see you in game!
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