andrew palermo
•I dont currently dont have items on my invenventory coz i resell them, im going to buy the offers in opskins so dont worry i can offer for your knife and skins.
•As a buy and seller i need to be sure that you are really interested about the deal we made first, due to my experience in trading. Ive been already fooled of some people already from csgolounge. Thats why i need to be more cautios before ill spend money in buying the items that we have agreed
•i need to be sure that while im buying that you are serious and legit trader
•I need to be sure that you wont back out in our deal. while im already spending money in buying the items for you,or accept any other offers while im already buying
•I hope you understand this traders

•i want assurance that you wont cancel the deal while im buying what you want on opskins
•i will send a proof to you that i really have money on opskins and im really buying it
before i will check out what you want on opskins
•i want you to send a trade offer on me with your stuff so that i can assure that you wont cancel the deal while im buying the stuff you wanted and so that i can send a counter offer on you with the knife or keys that i offerd to you.
• (Send me a steam offer with your Stuffs you wanted to Trade with me first so i can be able to counter it offer with the items that we agreed.)
•I rather cancel our deal/trade if you can't follow my rules/steps.
• You will just send me an offer of your knife and i counter offer the knife that im buying from opskins , the knife will still remain in your inventory or in your trade offer.
•I won't risk my account,reps and most of all my Opskins balance and I have alot of profits there so you don't need to worry about sending your knife/skins on me cause I'll counter offer it the knife you wanted me to offer for your knife,then the deal will done as well. and I don't want people will disapointed my trading rule what I'd written.
•If you have doubts trusting me " WE CAN"T WORK THIS OUT "
•You can record or take screenshots while we're trading so you have evidence to send to valve if i'm doing bullshit activities
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gambles away his house on {LINK REMOVED}
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impressive man keep it up
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Any interest in a Five-Seven Case Hardened With a decent amount of blue and NiP 2014 Holo?
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STOP NOW HAHA you will lose all :D
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can you give me some coins on crash bro i love you money hype 76561198098251812
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add me man, 42 keys, for gut marble FN