Hell Princess

SECOND AGE: (ca. 1500)

The Witch-King’s name was Tindomul, nicknamed ‘Murazor’ or ‘Little Shadow’.

Murazor was the younger twin of Ar-Atanamîr the Great. While the first of the two was born strong and healthy, Murazor was small, ill, and frail, for reasons many guessed were linked to his magic. He was the first male sorcerer born in that Age. The boy lost his ability to walk by twelve, and was confined, for the most part, to his room. There, he developed his magic and studied plants extensively, excluded entirely from the outside world. While his brother ruled, Murazor ignored the kingdom and cared nothing for its dealings.

A few years after the brothers received Rings of Power from the mysterious Annatar, Old Angmar was overrun and Atanamîr killed. Murazor was suddenly thrust into his brother’s place and found himself incapable and inept as a leader. He fell into despair, resentment and loneliness, and slowly succumbed to Sauron’s will. Only then did he find his remarkable aptitude as a military strategist and general. Consumed by the need to rebuild his army and reclaim his home, he turned to the study of necromancy and the Black Arts. Without noticing it, Murazor faded into a wraith.

Third Age:

The Witch-King re-emerged with the rest of the Ringwraiths around T.A. 1300. Having learned his lesson, he reforged Angmar as the Witch-Kingdom and ruled it relentlessly for over 600 years.

With the fall of Angmar he became Sauron’s devoted general, using his closeness to the Dark Lord to perfect his evil magics. He awaited his Master’s full re-emergence at Minas Morgul until the events of the War of the Ring.

Fourth Age

After his ’death’ at the hands of Eowyn and Merry, Murazor wanders Middle Earth as something between a ghost and a man. He makes his home in an abandoned greenhouse in the valley by Rivendell. A botanist and amateur healer, he is working to redeem himself. Sort of.


Under Sauron:

Like the other Nazgul, Murazor lost a great deal of himself to his thralldom, even forgetting his own name. The aspects of his personality that best served Sauron’s purpose were augmented, and while those that detracted from it were diminished. Thus, the Nazgul Lord was arrogant, cold, quick to anger and prone to a very sadistic sense of humor.

He had few memories of himself, and lost more and more of his own nature over time. During the early Third Age, when he rebuilt Angmar, he had some autonomy in his actions. While he sought the Ring, however, Murazor had no idea what was going on at all, driven entirely by its call and his Master’s will.


A sorcerer and scientist, the Witch-King devotes his free time to the study of necromancy and the dark arts. He is also an avid botanist. He is naturally introverted and shy, but project a daunting presence through a combination of magic and sheer airs.

Though aloof, Murazor is a lonely man and latches closely to the few people he trusts (such as Queen Beruthiel, a fellow Black Numenorean) and is gentler than expected when left to his own devices. However, his cold, analytical fascination with death, his lack of manners as well as his natural bluntness may get in the way of that.

The Witch-King is naive.
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