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Posted: Oct 20, 2021 @ 10:09am
Updated: Oct 20, 2021 @ 10:21am

End of an era, huh? I've been with PES since we got the Original for Christmas on PS2. I've been with PES no matter the licenses and wonky player names. I've been through the decline and the new coming. I've seen EA lose it's ambition while PES still tried to make the game better. And I genuinely thought that we surpassed EA already. Until.

During all these years i mainly played master league. I've patiently waited Konami to deliver. To fix the annoying things in the game. The AI, animations, repetition. etc. PES 2018 has been tasting just a little old and i was looking forward to upgrading. Until.

In the end PES was different than FIFA. And that's why we chose it over licenses, arcade, flash (and addiction). FIFA's novelties were street football and similar half finished arcade articles. In PES we could (usually) wait a better game than before. PES had history. Until.

Until... Until this. THis straight up downgrade. Clunky, ugly, unimpressive. An insult. Konami gave EA the title for free and launched a cheap FTP title to flirt with the player base that wants to play a football game but not necessarily pay for it. And it shows. "Game's not polished" is a lie. "It's not finished" is stretching it. Middle of a wilderness road in pitch black darkness. There you'll find eFootball 2022. You've all seen the pictures. No words, no excuses. The gameplay, the most important part, feels heavy and tired. Some of the new controls are pointless, some just straight up quality of life downgrades. Goals feel hollow. 2 difficulties available. No game modes. Game play feels worse than in an decade. There's no soul. I guess they thought that we'd stick along, silent and loyal?

And until this review has become more a rant than anything. i guess this is my goodbye letter. There's no more football games for me. Maybe someday... But i don't believe it or hope for it no longer. Is this... how you become an adult?

P.S. FIFA? Never say never, but it'll be a cold day in hell.
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