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What Is Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is the kind of game you pick up when you want to sit back and relax, with a game that offers plenty of time and wiggle room for error and surrounds you in virtual nature and relaxing gameplay, a game with excellent music for it's genre, and a great game to pick up if you are familiar with Harvest Moon or similar games, or just want to escape from all the guns, blood and explosions the gaming market is flooded by these days.

Mines, Monsters And Combat
There is also several mines you will unlock as you play the game, these mines contain monsters like slimes and bats to fight, and a variety of ore to collect, everything from coal to diamonds.
The monsters come in a variety of forms and colors, and as you delve deeper into each dungeon, they also become stronger and new and more aggressive types appears, monsters drops all kinds of items one can use to craft other items.
Of course delving into these dangerous mines and caves also allows you to wield weapons, some weapons perform better then others and as you explore the mines, you will be able to find even better weapons and with better stats too of course, some weapons are slow but powerful while others may offer more defence against damage and so on.
Combat is however nothing complex as repeatedly spamming your one and only swing/slash animation is all you really have to do in most cases, there is very little verity in combat and most of the monsters will try to rush you as getting in contact with any monster will hurt you, that's where learning the movement patterns of the monsters will be you best weapon against them.

Aside from the mines and dungeons there is also other activities like fishing for example, where the better the fishing rod and bait, the better the chances of catching fish, seasons also dictates what kinds of fish can be caught, certain fish are also exclusive to lakes, rivers or the sea.
Fishing contains a simple yet hard to master fishing minigame, there have been and still are plenty of complaints about the fishing mini game being too hard or frustrating, however certain items can be bought and crafted in order to ease certain parts of the minigame.

And of course, what would a farming simulator be without foraging, There is a variety of forageable fruit and vegetables in Stardew Valley, and each season bring a different set of fruits and vegetables to forage from mother nature, these fruits and vegetables can't be purchased as seeds packs, but can be crafted into a seed pack becoming a seasonal seed pack that may yield a random fruit or vegetable from said season once planted and grown.
Forable fruits and vegetables have the same uses as any other fruit or vegetable you can farm or purchase.

Pelican Town & Villagers
But of course i can't mention the dungeons and activities in Stardew Valley without mentioning the town itself, Pelican town is a small sleepy village surrounded by mountains and forests from one side and a wide open sea from another, it contains a few but large houses and it has its fair share of citizens roaming the town and its surroundings, These npc's can be interacted with and given items that will in turn increase your friendship with them depending on said item and npc's
Once the friendship level have reached a certain amount, a cutscene will play out, depending on the time of day and where you are, these cutscenes differ from one npc to another, however there is a few npc's you can't interact with this way, and therefore you can't befriend.

Marriage & Children
When you max out your friendship level with certain npc's you can chose to get married, and yes gay marriage is possible, however do keep in mind that only a few of Pelican town's residents can get married,
once you get married your chosen partner will of course move in with you, and of course you can still interact with them like you used to, but they won't offer anything new or substantial to the gameplay,
they can help out with the farm or give you food, but they can't be given any sorts of tasks, this leads us into the next segment, the baby, yes you can "have" or adopt children, parters of the opposite sex can "have" children, while partners of the same sex can adopt children, children grows up in 4 stages but are sadly nothing more then something the player can check off in a to do list as they offer pretty much nothing new to the game, or the player.
and just like a partner they can't be given any tasks, or help out in any way shape or form, but "wait!" you say "they are just children, and child labor is illegal!" you say, and your right, however your child or children in Stardew Valley never grows up into adults, or even a teenagers, they are stuck as children forever, that means that they have no uses whatsoever, and can't help or assist you in your daily tasks in any way.

Pelican town also contains a variety of shops and services selling seeds to plant, furniture to purchase, ore to buy (should you be too lazy to delve into the mines) and a nice bar selling a variety of beverages and food,
You can also upgrade your tools and farm buildings, or reposition buildings on your farm to your personal needs, upgrades costs not only money but also resources.

Pelican Town's Story
A great deal of Pelican towns story is centered around the community center (a large house) that are more or less in shambles, it becomes your task to help the forest spirits to rebuild it by acquiring certain items and giving them away at the community center, these items will then lead the forest spirits to magically rebuild one room at a time, however each time you finish a "bundle" that is a collection of items requested (possibly by the forest spirits) you also open new areas around Pelican town or gain some kind of magical advantage from the forest spirits,
however that is not the only way to open the new areas, if you don't feel like giving away items, as some can be used for a variety of other things and some are even rare, there is a less time consuming method by instead handing the community center over to the Joja corporation, by purchasing a membership at Pelican towns own Joja mart, this will lead to the community center being removed and a Joja corporation storage building setup, and instead of requiring items, it will then cost money to open up new areas and so on.

Your personal character also has skills, these are farming, mining, foraging, fishing and combat, each skill levels up automatically each time you perform an action or use a specific tool, leveling up a skills makes certain parts of the game a tad bit easier, and allows for more wiggle room and experimentation, it also may yield more items then usually, depending on the skill and level.

Personal Notes
As you may have noticed i didn't mention Harvest Moon all that much, and that's because i think Stardew Valley is different enough in gameplay and mechanics to stand on its own,
It's also because i think Stardew Valley deserves the spotlight.

This game is definitely not perfect, there is some things i personally would like to see added, fixed or tweaked, and i do have a few minor complaints and ideas on how they could be improved upon which you can read here
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