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Nadjem 9 ago 2019, ore 18:48 
+Rep chill high tier trader, enjoy the pure!
Yaga Gaming 13 mag 2019, ore 9:01 
+rep thanks for trusting me :)
Glimmer 11 mag 2019, ore 14:35 
Hi there,

Would you be willing to swap your MW Isotope Polar Surprise war paint for my Spec KS MW Isotope Leopard Printed Medigun?

Thank you for your time.
Yaga Gaming 5 mag 2019, ore 13:33 
+rep The best personal card dealer of all times :) :P
Gay 30 apr 2019, ore 14:59 
+rep quick and cool
Archimo 2 apr 2019, ore 10:10 
steam currently down for me but be sure to hit me up I saw what you just recently got your hands on O.o