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Nadjem 9. srp. 2019 v 18.48 
+Rep chill high tier trader, enjoy the pure!
Yaga Gaming 13. kvě. 2019 v 9.01 
+rep thanks for trusting me :)
Glimmer 11. kvě. 2019 v 14.35 
Hi there,

Would you be willing to swap your MW Isotope Polar Surprise war paint for my Spec KS MW Isotope Leopard Printed Medigun?

Thank you for your time.
Yaga Gaming 5. kvě. 2019 v 13.33 
+rep The best personal card dealer of all times :) :P
Gay 30. dub. 2019 v 14.59 
+rep quick and cool
Archimo 2. dub. 2019 v 10.10 
steam currently down for me but be sure to hit me up I saw what you just recently got your hands on O.o