.   North Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Yup. I'm still me Beebz.

I'm Azrael. He who did knife kills in TTT on RelaxedGaming servers (RIP).

3k hours in tf2 and too many of them in MvM...

I main no mann in Team Fortress 2. Only Meme Pyro.

Formerly a Pyro and Medic main.

Don't add me for trades. If I don't know you at all then I'm unlikely to accept your request.

Cool friendly peeps:

Jedimaster Yoda

The North remembers. We know no king except the King in the North who's name is Stark.

I had Clubbsy the Seal before Soundsmith's video... and I was called AzSeal. AztheSeal. A...Seal. Does this make me the head of the Clubbsy Seal Illuminati? :D

No context quotes:

"I have to whack my thing after a while. It's hard" - Reiggel
"Let me help you with your erections." - Az
"Easy now. This is only casual." - Reiggel
"What do you call District 9's sex worker website? Prawnhub."

Have a great day now everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJnBTPUQS5A&list=RDwJnBTPUQS5A

Next Paradox Achievement Goal: "I swear I'm not a Byzantophile."


Percentage odds of why you were kicked:

10.0% - you were a suspected/confirmed cheater
33.3% - you were asked to switch and you didn't listen.
33.3% - you were a micspammer/troll
10.0% - you were trollgineering
10.0% - gas passer spam. Gtfo with that shit
3.3% - toxicity. The game already has enough of that shit in pvp.
0.1% - saving you a ticket
0.0% - no reason.


Mann up:

* 7th tour - Pro ks RL kit. 0.0
* 11th tour - Pro ks overdose kit

12 tours in: No aussie yet :(
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In this guide we will be looking at the 10 commandments of TF2 which have been talked about a lot but not actually seen other than a video MrPaladin did but I'm too lazy to watch it. (Commandments aren't in any particular order.)
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