Don Mastri   Illinois, United States
CPU: Cyberdyne Systems T-800 Neural Net Processor :TheBureauAlien:
Skin Sheath: Living tissue grown and molded around endoskeleton
Endoskeleton: Microprocessor Controlled Armored Hyper-Alloy Combat Chassis with Frictionless Bearings
Abilities: Capable of running internal systems checks / Analyzing human emotional states
Weapon Carried: The Westinghouse M-27 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle
Life Span: 120 years on a single power cell
Vulnerable: Plasma Weaponry / Long Term Self-Awareness Flaw

I like to workout and eat at Taco Bell.

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What a great story! So cool how they have so many choices you can make and it effects the story. Don't know how they took all these decisions into account. My wife and I watch the TV show together. She ended up pulling up a chair and watching the game. She started telling me choices to make. We played 400 days and are both really looking forward to Season 2! My wife doesn't game so that's how uncommon this was.
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