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Early Access Review
I feel like I picked this up so long ago and dumped a bunch of hours into it. Eventhough it's early access, it seems to be my "go to" game, especially lately.

There's a fun little mod community and the devs seem to actually be putting some work into it.

Bugs.. ya.. of course... it's early access, not a finished product. I don't know why I love this game, the art work, the little goblins, the mods...

Once they fix up the building thing, I'd say this game will really take off. To me that's my one major gripe at the moment, building needs that update (Hi Devs!)

If this is your type of game, I'd say buy it and help the community and devs grow. If not, well that's fine too.
Posted February 18.
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I really love this game, probably for the reasons that people don't love this game; the WALL of difficulty, the complete randomness, having a guy run around wrecking the scourge of chaos while missing an arm and an eye.

It's not a game for everyone, but it reminds me so much of tabletop campaigns. (doh! It's Warhammer!)

I like the fact that it took me three times to overcome, a what would now be, simple mission. I like not knowing what warband I'm going to run up against, gets the blood flowing. I like it when my spells fail LOL Chaos at it's finest.

TL/DR: Mordheim is not for the weak or the cowardly. For SIGMAR!
Posted January 22, 2017.
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