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Stank Boog Jul 7 @ 3:59pm 
Bro, We Are Teens . Its Ok To Cry Around Me . Im Ur Best Friend . I Love You . ... Bro, We Are Kiss ing Now . . No Dont Stop Bro .. Bro ...
making meth with mcafee Jul 3 @ 8:38am 
( ͡ಠ ͜ʖ ͡ಠ) "Brace yourself! I'm goin' in dry!"
௰===D (__*__)
Yung Spaghett Jun 6 @ 5:31am 
blaze ass and die fast boys
making meth with mcafee Mar 19 @ 11:42am 
Looooooool when I get my dyslexia sorted it's all over for you bitches
JCKSN Feb 19 @ 3:24pm 
dis hoy eated a wh0le3 weedjoint id his mout!!!
Aмαndα Feb 3 @ 12:46am 

Doktd Il y a 2 heures
I give you a cheater in the game in video,care ilimitee and teleportation
here is his profile:
do some things quickly and banish people like that it's a joke
thank you for your understanding