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Originally posted by Acer Spacer:
Thanks tripwire I needed a good reason to save my money
TripWire needed EPIC's money but doesn't want to give up Steam advertising
lol :handsup: screw fake paywalls :resist:
its because the dev's ran out of money and desperately needed that EPIC exclusive bribe
but they did not want to stop advertising on Steam ...
... money
Originally posted by Tiny Trees:
I really wanted to wait until more bugs were fixed. ...
Yarp, every single player i have spoken too has had problems with bugs. And most of those have been serious issues. Itts such a shoddy release... Bugthe$da, go figure :bernice:

That in game coin shop for real money ... ugh. They should have spent more time making the game work before doing that cash grab in a full priced single player game.

Good luck :cozyfallout4:
Jul 1 @ 8:46am
In topic Stellar Tactics Roadmap
Originally posted by Stellar Tactics:
I will be looking into a supporter pack DLC for the game at some point with some nice things for players who are willing to contribute.
I like this idea. Glad it was suggested.
I too would contribute more to Stellar Tactics.
I like shiny things :)
Jun 30 @ 1:29pm
In topic Maybe we are all playing it wrong
2 year necro revival ~ more brains!! *burp
Originally posted by AnimeIsASIN:
Wow ....
?? did you play it at launch. It was brutal before the dev nerfed it to Seasame Street.
Some of us had no problems getting past the start. Others did not. lol.
but its all moot , Starship Theory was abandoned long ago
Jun 29 @ 2:39pm
In topic Thank you
Originally posted by Fenrir:
... degeneration ...
its time to party like its 2999 !
Jun 26 @ 4:57pm
In topic Why a 3 day demo?
Originally posted by Darkness:
What concerns me more in all this is a pre-release event that has no release date but is still open to preorder.
It makes sense to me. The dev's want to make the game better. They want feedback from players using different systems. But they would also like some early money if a player is willing to take the chance and support them in early access.
Its a choice, we are left to make.
PS : Store page says release is planned for Sep. 2019.
I like the extra tags , when they make sense. :) Not all tags do though, and sometimes people leaving the Tags lie or make a mistake.

That's one of the reasons "Shooter RPG-lite's" make me fume when they advertise the game as "RPG's". grrrr :cozyfallout4:
Originally posted by Ylion:
why is it ok for taoism and wicca(nism?) to have a dogma around that symbol, but not for christianity?
I can answer your 1st question.
Because those won't burn me to death in a fire. Guess that makes me more than a little biased. Death, torture, conversion, etc, they all sound 'bad' to me.

Totally off topic ... but i'm freaking out; did you hear that Tehran took out a US spy drone from the back of a fancy truck? I need to get more games into my Fallout shelter. Too bad i won't be able to play any live service games or any that have crazy drm added in. :steamsad:
I never played Frackin Universe and was wondering the same thing just now.
Thanks for making this thread. :cozycrashfish:
Jun 24 @ 8:09am
In topic Developer AMA on reddit
After reading the AMA on reddit i see now the dev wasted too much time with 1 on 1 emails, many of which he said were hurtful and stressful. Waste of time, pity he burned out and that he was hit by a curve ball in the rougelike game of life.

Oh well, it does take a thick skin when dealing with angry rabid trolls sometimes.

However, i would like to point out. That had the dev taken max 5 minutes right at the start and made a Sticky Post Thread in the forums explaining simply that he needed to take a time out because of real life issues then things would have been much different.

He would have avoided a large percentage of the negative reviews that hit Starship Theory.
Without so many negative reviews his game would have sold like hot cakes on Steam.
Many of us wanted a fun, beer and pretzel spaceship building game. I know i did.
FFS , many of us still want a game like that.

Oh well, good luck to the dev, but based on past history / experience, i will believe it if it happens. :steamsad: Its too bad, Starship Theory had so much potential.
Jun 24 @ 7:50am
In topic I bought this game almost 2 years ago
Yarp, its too bad Starship Theory is abandon-ware.
It was fun & had lots of potential.
I reported it ages ago, but Steam did not care. Steam only cares when they get registered letters from a Lawyer's Firm. My favorite lawyer firm is "Dewey, Cheatem & How". :steamhappy:
Jun 24 @ 7:32am
In topic i cant get past the start any tips?
Seems i have already helped and need not type anything, awesome. :cozysmitedaji:
Thanks @[-TIA-] Renegade²
Originally posted by believer in zable:
this game is insanely hard for me and i cant survive long.
It was a lot harder when it first launched into early access. The RnG was insane, when the dev made it easier i cried a little, but it helped others get through the early game.
@believer in zable : Plz post your ship in the ship pic thread so we can all see it as it grows, or when its done. :)
Good luck and have fun :steamhappy:
there is a clock on the screen telling you the Date & time of day as you travel.
the mission dialogue clearly says 5 hours.

Spoiler ALERT : how to complete this mission easy
Do NOT use any Nexus Jumps; only use the alien WarpGate in your stations home system.
You need to unlock the alien WarpGate that is North West ish from the Target system.
Then it is easy to fly there from that warpgate in very little time at all.
Redesign your ship if your to slow for more speed.

Good luck ahve fun
spoilered for those who dont want to see this info
You can heal the wolf pup.
You just have to re-run the 2 floors a couple of times to find all the mats and then kill the mini boss. Then when you go home again you'll ahve a cute little cut scene of the pup playing with one of the children.
You can then even build the new addition to the family its own little house right outside, but only after you find the needed mats down in the dungeon again.

Good luck have fun
Jun 22 @ 8:58am
In topic spider boss??
Originally posted by Inovade:
way too hard, yeah i'm suck at this....
how to beat it? there's just too much enemy and they respawn indefinitely
i cant even properly hit boss since she's only visible in 1-2 sec and there's too many enemy to get through it
but the enemy before boss room are easy, way easier

playing as archer for now...or am i supposed to die again? since it's roguelite...
She is easy with a few lvl ups with both characters. you just have to time your damage and evades with the spider boss's 2 phases. Don't forget to buy weapon and armour upgrades in your house from uncle Ben at his forge. That helps a lot.
Spoilers, lots of them...
With a little luck, finding the OP items makes it a total breaze. The healing trinkets are seriously OP, every 30 seconds get a large heal when you hit Q. The healing over time follower is good as are both the ranged and melee followers. There are some crit dmg items that are very good as well. Also using potions makes a difference.

Good luck ahve fun.
Jun 22 @ 8:54am
In topic Keyboard+mouse or Gamepad?
i tried both.
I liked the kb+mouse most.
but if i was playing on a couch/bed definately controller.
Jun 22 @ 8:52am
In topic How to restart the demo?
Originally posted by D.A.R.K.:
Originally posted by Diarmuhnd:
If you kill the Spider boss, that also ends the demo. lol
I just killed it, and rather not =(
Same thing happend to me my 1st time but then, on my 2nd time i did something different. :)
Currently there is an exploit/bug regarding the Spider Boss ( i reported it in the bugs section ).
Currently we can kill the Spider Boss, get the xp, loot the rewards and if we are fast enough we can Retreat from the dungeon before the Demo counts the death as the end.)
Jun 22 @ 8:49am
In topic Whats the point of this Demo
Originally posted by Shineek:
Serious question, whats the point of releasing a broken demo...

Not broken at all on my end. Works fine. Plays great. Only 1 crash in 3 days. Guess you're just unlucky or have a wonky rig.
back on topic : the point of the DEMO is to let players play it for free. I liked it. I put it on my wishlist. If it does NOT get abandonded etc, i will buy it. :) yarp.
Good luck have fun.
Jun 22 @ 8:43am
In topic Can we have AI partner?
I have found numerous ; (spoilered just in case someone does NOT want to see this info)
Artifacts / Trinkets (forgot the name of the thing, top pick up bar) that give us temporary followers. 1 is for melee and the 2nd is ranged. Another i found heals over time.
There are also another type of thing that gives you diferent totems that you can place, dmg dealers, pushers and pullers.
The wolf we rescue and then heal and then build a house for looks like a companion to me, but maybe she will be a full fledged character. That would be cool.

good luck ahve fun
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