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Personal Achievements

Michelangelo Incarnate

Build 100 Ornate or Marble Walls, Floors, and Roofs

Build Build Build

Build 50 stone walls, floors, and roofs


Build 50 Wood wall, floors, or roofs

Well Dressed

Craft 10 Clothing Items

King Midas Touch

Craft 500 Gold Ingots

Expert Medic

Craft 1000 Health Potions

Iron Will

Craft 1000 Iron Ingots

Expert Potion Maker

Craft 1000 Mana Potions

Well Armed

Craft 10 Weapons

Raiders Are a Lost Art

Destroy/Raid 20 enemy Thrones (not house or party members)

Bear-ly Alive

Kill 20 Bears

Mmm Bacon

Kill 20 Boars

Don’t Blink

Kill 30 Death Weavers

Divine Crusade

Kill 666 Demons

Scaling the Heights

Kill 20 Dragons

Clearing the Skies

Kill 20 Eagles

Get your Imp on

Kill 50 Imps

Infernal Crusade

Kill 100 Infernal Dragons

Claiming the Land

Kill 30 Orcs

Missiles Incoming!

Kill 10 Sprites

Seen the Giant Up Close

Kill 20 Trolls

Land of the Living

Kill 50 Undead

Cursed Soul

Kill 100 Unicorns

Clearing the Pack

Kill 20 Wolves

Sky Marshall

Fly for 4 hours (gameplay time)

Master Builder!

Unlock all structure packs

Jewels for everyone!

Harvest 250 Precious Stones

Bring the Rune

Harvest 1000 Mana Rune

Swinging Hammer

Harvest 1000 Stone


Harvest 1000 Wood

Pocket Full of Flora

Pick Up 250 Items

Nothing Left Behind

Discover 20 loot chests

Well Tailored

Craft 50 Clothing Items

Mythical Maker

Craft 50 Weapons


Pick Up 1000 Items

You’re a Scavenger

Pick Up 10,000 Items

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