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Posted: May 16 @ 10:32am

House Flipper is a fun game. This DLC however, feels lazy. Sure, there are lots of plants to choose from, but on the other hand...

- Missing sound effects (either that, or the world's most silent brush cutter)
- Some assignments are either basically repetitions, and/or EXTREMELY short. One assignment, for instance, consists of going in to pull some weeds and mow the lawn, and done.
- At least one assignment is bugged and broken, effectively getting you stuck on 96% completion.

This DLC is sold at almost the same price as the base game, but there's not nearly as much content in this pack as in the original. Wait for a sale if you really want this.
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Developer response:
' P4JDA  [developer] Posted: May 16 @ 2:44pm

Thank you for your feedback. It means a lot to us because we aim to keep improving our game and make it as good as possible.
Although, we'd like to say a couple of things here.
House Flipper had 12 orders, a couple of houses and maybe around 200 items when it came out.
Garden Flipper has 14 orders, 2 new houses and offers you an option to do gardens for all the houses. On top of it, it offers over 500 items.

We hope you'll decide to give us another chance and get back to Garden Flipper some time in the future :)

Have a good day!
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