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Vladimir Alekseevich Grebennikov (August 22, 1932 – December 19, 1992) was an ice hockey player who played for the Soviet national team. He won a bronze medal at the 1960 Winter Olympics as an Ice Hockey Men.[1] In 1950-53 he played with Spartak Moskva, then in 1953-54 played with Dvorets Kultury imeny Karl Marksa Elektrostal, and in 1954-64 was with Krylya Sovetov Moskva. Vladimir Grebennikov ended his career with Spartak Ryazan in 1964-66.[2]
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Matt Aug 6 @ 10:33am 
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Jokler May 11 @ 10:37am 
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Jokler May 2 @ 7:58am 
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kilmanio Apr 25 @ 12:38pm 
Despite your efforts to corrupt the mind of Jokler, the word 'robot' comes from the russian 'Работа' (rabota) which means work.
Juno Feb 5 @ 7:07pm 
Jokler Nov 9, 2018 @ 8:58pm 
Day 4 of no nut november

As I walked out of my schoolbus to go to school I caught scent of a female in heat 73.35 meters upwind. Because of the fog I couldn’t see her yet but judging by the scent she was mid teens, and healthy. My ultra attunated hearing was able to pick up her gait, which put her at about 5’6”. My mind, free of the constraints of porn and indecent imagery, was able to calculate her weight based on the ripple in the testosterone continuum produced by her footsteps as she walked away from me.

Being that I was 10 minutes early for school, I made chase and followed her through the fog still without visual contact. I was like a pilot navigating the white abyss by instrument alone. I was trailing her about 130m behind when I sensed her phone vibrate in her purse through the pavement. Holding my ear to the ground I was able to faintly pick up on the conversation she was having with beta BF. Based on the annoyed tone in her voice I knew now was the time to strike.