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I'm getting a lot of bad trade offers. Examples include taking my last card and offer a triplicate for it. Others include set and cross set trades that do not follow what I've outlined. These are taking a lot of time for me to verify and taking time away from legitimate trade offers. I will be giving a warning in the counter offer for many of these but unfortunately repeat similar offers will lead to being blocked.

I also block members who repeatedly spam me with chat messages. I will return chat messages when I can, not when you feel that I should while I am sleeping etc.

I generally do not accept Friend Requests from private profiles, accounts below level 10 or accounts that have been banned from Steamrep.

Unfortunately, these are the trade-offs I have come to make versus not generally accepting friend requests from unknown members. Thank you for understanding and respecting them.

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My Games List no longer active

I have hundreds of game keys for trade. Check out my Steamtrades or Barter profile link below to see my availability list. I will trade for any Steam games that I don't own for games of similar value. I prefer games that have Steam Trading Cards. All of my keys have been purchased directly by me from sources that don't resell keys. I trade to activate keys for my own account. I avoid trades with key (re)traders and accept no responsibility for any subsequent trades that are made.

10,000+ cards, 5000+ games, hundreds of sets and thousands of backgrounds/emoticons for trade

I generally don't trade non-marketable cards for marketable cards. I generally don't trade with or accept friend requests from private profiles.

Trading for sets is an easy and cost effective way to level up. You can max all levels of a game badge, the same as if you owned it, but never have to pay for the game.

I'm offering 1:1 cards (same set extras, negative trades rejected), 2:1 cards cross sets (same size), 1:1 complete sets (same size), 14 mixed cards for 1 set. Please don't make offers that significantly vary from this. I will not make more than 1 counter-offer. Trades offering less cards than the number requested from me will generally not be considered. I also don't accept trades offering me cards that I have already levelled, or trades asking for cards that I currently need and that I am not offering.

Extra in your offer is required for me to consider offers with trade holds. If you want a counter offer make sure your inventory is set to public.

I have many emoticons, backgrounds, gift games, and game keys that I don't actively trade but would consider reasonable offers.

If you have multiple game keys for a game that I do not own, I will farm cards and return them to you in exchange for the game key.
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Many cards and sets for trade. 1:1 cards (same set extras), 2:1 cards cross sets, 14 cards for 1 set, or 1:1 full sets.
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レのひ刀ム丂 May 13 @ 4:02am 

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Djnemonic Mar 15 @ 5:55pm 
awesome thanks for the heads up on the free game :)
ʀᴀᴛᴇᴀ xᴅᴀʀᴋ Mar 15 @ 3:34pm 
thank you
FOX|BLOODLINE ✅ Dec 31, 2022 @ 8:46am 
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☾ ☆*Albion Gamer °☆ ☽ Dec 25, 2022 @ 12:06pm 
Wishing you a joyful, peaceful and awesome time on this special holiday. Hope you have a pleasant day/evening and one filled with much happiness and love.
Very sorry for late response, it has been a little crazy to say the least last two days so please forgive me.
Dance away the time and dance with love always, have fun Friend :8BitHug: