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Oh damn thats pretty!
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I dont know how to start this review because i normalt dont write reviews for games, but this story deserves a lot of attention! (Alot more than it already have)

okay, let's start:

It took me a while to collect the courage to finally sit down and play this game!
I cried so much that i needed pause my game a few times and dry my eye!
Never in my life have I played a game which has impacted me on such a level..

Its really difficult to put into words how life changing and eye opening this story is.

It is a travel through love, despair and hope from two loving parents to their dead son Joel.

Cancer and other terminal illnesses are something that almost all of us in the world have been touched by in some ways.
Whether it is ourselves, a person close to us or just someone who have influenced us or been there for us in some ways.
Diseases like this can effects us in many negative and tragic ways. But it also shows us that love and hope never dies!

This was an emotional rollercoaster for me, because i felt each and every emotion a person can feel.
It reminds you of how precious life is and how scared we are of death and the unknown!
It is NOT just about cancer,but it is more than that, it is about life and all the struggles some of us face in life. (life is not always fair, but we need to stay strong)
It also shows that even when someone is gone, the wonderful memories and their love is always with us in our mind and heart.

That Dragon Cancer is an experimental game that is focused on telling the story about a little boy named Joel, who has been diagnosed with cancer and his parents, who have to deal with all their concerns and hopes for the future of their beautiful son.

The way that this game captures emotions, and the way it depicts Joel in particular, is astonishing.
Making Joel laugh and talk makes it feel so real.
Watching Joel play just adds more and more authenticity to the story of a little boy who dont know the horrible reality of his life and his future.

There is nothing i can say bad about this game/story!
The use of audio from the home movies made every bit of the unscripted dialouge feel so authentic and genuine, it made me break down and cry!!

And dont let me start with the storyline and the voice acting it is so breathtaking and so unique!

IT makes you feel that you are by their side fighting cancer!

If you dont have this game please go and buy it
(It is worth the money)
I cannot reccomend this highly enough!

This is a game that every person should experience!!

This is to Ryan and Amy Green and as well as everyone else who is affected by this.
I am so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing your sad and beautiful story about Joel..!
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Great weekend:cute:
ValkyrieMoon Jun 10 @ 12:55pm 
Weekend flew by I guess.:SpellingBee: Hope you are having a great one.
Wish you a fantastic week a head my friend. :SupportEachOther:
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Ri4ard May 15 @ 1:28am 
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Have an awesome week :heartx: