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Season 2: Founder of team Subway. Makes CAL-O Playoffs
Season 3: Team Subway gets moved up to CAL-IM and renames to Don't Burn The Pig. DBTP goes 11-2 to take the #1 seed in playoffs.
Season 4: DBTP gets moved up to CAL-M and renames to VITAL. VITAL makes quarter finals of CAL-M playoffs.
Season 5: VITAL gets moved up to CAL-I and gets sponsored by Dynamic. Dynamic wins CAL-I finals vs Novelty.
Season 6: I joined team BRC for CAL-O. BRC went to the quarter finals after ranking as the #30 seed.
Season 7: BRC gets moved up to CAL-IM and finishes the season 11-8.
Season 8: BRC gets moved up to CAL-M and renames to udeK. udeK finishes the season with a 5-6 record.

Season 1: Joined OTB for CAL-O. OTB made playoffs but lost in the 2nd round, finished the season with a 9-5 record.
Season 2: Joined inF who got moved up from CAL-O to CAL-M. inF got sponsored by Disturbing The Peace. DTP then went 6-4 before forfeiting the rest of the season.
Season 3: Joined The FatNut Gang for CAL-O. Then CAL Died.

MW2: FatNut Gang played some MW2 on TWL. I left FatNut Gang and joined Numb. I became leader of Numb and we renamed to Majestic Wolf Lamp. Majestic Wolf Lamp went 15/0 in all TWL competition before dying. I joined IsItDead, who soon got sponsored by Suave Gaming. The team then left Suave to be picked up by Area 51 Gaming.
TWL League S1: 1st Place Champs!
MW2Tourney March Mayhem: Finalist 2nd place!
WOGL: 1st Place Champs!
MW2Tourney May Massacre: 1st Place Champs!
GACGL: Finalist 2nd place!
MW2Tourney Independence Tourney: 4th Place

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While playing Portal 2 I didn't much care for the blue and orange gels, however this game changed my opinion about them. I was able to beat the entire game in a little less than 4 and a half hours but I had a blast doing it. For a mod this was rather impressive. I'm pretty sure I managed to beat some of the levels without completely achieving the objective the way the creators intended, but I kinda liked that about the game. Overall, I bought the game on sale for $3.49 and I'd say it was worth it. I'd consider it a rather short game, so $4.99 may be fair, but I'd wait for it to go on sale. Great puzzles, cool Trading Cards and Backgrounds, I just wish the game had Steam Achievements. Get it!
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